Friday, May 9, 2008

Busy Day!!

Today was pretty busy. I got home much later than I had planned last night and it was after 10:oo PM when I started baking the 10 doz. cookies needed for the bank order. It didn't take too long to get the cookies done, but I was on the computer until after 2:00 AM. I had to have the cookies delivered before 9AM, so I didn't get up until close to 7AM.

I made 4 different kinds of cookies and was prepared to make 5, but I had exactly 10 dozen with the 4 kinds. The bank doesn't usually care what kind of cookie I bake, except during major holidays when they want at least 1/3 of the order to be cut-outs. I don't mind making the cut-outs, but I don't like to frost them! Fortunately there were no cut-outs requested for today's order.

After I delivered the cookies, I had to get some paperwork done here at home (pay bills, etc.) and I had a couple of packages to get ready to mail. I did a quick "pick up" cleaning of the house and then I did some mending and a small amount of sewing. I had to be at work a 2:00 and I wanted to make a couple of stops on my way in. I worked until 6, stopped to see Nikki and Quinn and then came home to spend the evening with Jack watching the baseball game. It was another good game and we just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Lynn was at the game so we kept looking for her on TV. She and her friends were on the last time they were there, but I didn't see them. While they were on the way home, a friend called them and said he had recorded the game and he saw them. Pretty cool! Fortunately they were doing anything stupid like picking their noses.

I have a guild meeting tomorrow, but I am going to go work out first. I want to be there by 8 so I can get home and shower before the meeting. We are supposed to sew after the meeting, but Idon't want to take my machine and I don't have anything ready to bind or have any other hand work. Maybe I'll go find something to cut out. Decisions, decisions!!! I know, I'll start a new black and white quilt!

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