Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We're a little strange here, but I'm getting stuff done

Well, we are big baseball fans here and we love the Cleveland Indians. We also like to play guessing games, so what better way to do that than to have a "Name That Junk" quilt. The object is to look closely at the "junk" and see if you can match it up to the Cleveland player or coach. This wall hanging was done as a gift for Lynn's very good friend Amy, but we sure did have fun with it! I'm thinking that another one might be in order soon - one that we can keep here! I recently taught a class on how to make a photo quilt and was tempted to ask Amy if I could borrow the quilt. I decided that might be "pushing it a little, so I showed some rather conservative quilts instead.

We watched the Indians beat the Yankees tonight and that was fun! It was a good game, frustrating at times, but fun nonetheless.

We are also Ohio State fans and I was asked to make a quilt for another fan. I was told that I could do whatever I wanted, as long as the quilt was in Ohio State colors, was a lap quilt and not too "over the top." Do you think they saw the (Name That Junk Quilt?) I love it when I am given some direction, but not too much when I'm making a quilt for someone else. Here are some pictures.

Anyway, the quilt is ready to go to its new owner tomorrow (actually it is tomorrow). The front is a log cabin pattern in scarlet and grey, and for the back I pieced the "Big O." I think it turned out pretty good. I did an allover meander for the quilting (red in the red area, and grey in the rest).

I pieced the backing for 1 queen and 2 king size quilts tonight. I have the batting ready, so now I just have to get them layered and I'm ready to go. I have a couple of other tops that are ready to be quilted but I have to decide my backing and quilting design. Maybe it's the weather, but I am in the "finish it" mode. Perhaps if I get these quilts done, I can give some of them away for Christmas gifts. I know that at least one of the tops was originally made with the intention of being a gift. Obviously that didn't happen. Maybe this year!

I've been playing around with my new camera and the photos that I have stored in the computer. The camera is pretty easy to operate and I think the pictures are pretty good. I have taken a few pictures of quits that I am working on, and I'll post them later. When I was playing around with the photos in the computer, I realized that I don't have them organized and labeled very well. Hopefully I will get to that later today and post some other pictures. I have kind of been in a black and white phase and I have 3 or 4 quilts to show that.

I got the guild minutes out today, and of course the e-mail accompanying them was pretty wordy. I think that I do that just because I can, even though I know if annoys some people. I feel that by doing that, I don't have to send a newsletter because the e-mail says everything that a newsletter would. I guess that basically I am too lazy to do both! Oh well.


barncow said...

Some of us like to read your ramblings!! Me and mom anyway

knittingbrow said...

ummm, name that junk? Who raised you? LOL