Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Goal

I've set a goal for myself! I want to get all of my pieced tops quilted by the end of summer. I first have to make my list and then prioritize. There are some tops that I know I will never quilt myself, so they will have to be sent out for quilting. I have quilted some king size quilts before, but I don't generally find that fun and end up frustrated and not very happy with the finished product.

I know that I already have backings ready for some of the quilts, but I've just put them aside thinking I would get to them later. What that really means is that I found another project that I just HAD to do and the quilting was just going to have to wait.

After I have the quilting done, my next goal will be to finish or decide what to do with my UFOs. I have been working on them, but I still have some. I've been really good at using my stash for any new projects and I know that a couple of my UFOs just need borders added, but that I don't have enough fabric to do that. I know that in order to finish some of the UFOs, a trip to the fabric shop will be needed. Oh darn!!! Anybody want to join me?

I have a couple of quilts that I can use for our guild challenge quilt. We had to use a fat quarter bundle or multiple fabrics from our stash. There were a couple of other requirements, such as it had to be at least 24" x 36" and at least one of the border fabrics had to be used in the body of the quilt. My black and white quilts pictured in an earlier post both fit the challenge rules, and they were both completed after the challenge was issued. I have pieced a couple of other tops since the challenge that could work, but I doubt that Ill get them quilted and bound before the June meeting. I guess that trying to get them done is another goal for me. Even though we only get the $10 prize for one quilt, what the heck, I'm going to try to get more done. What did I call this earlier..."finish up mode?" I think I want to finish things up so I have to go shopping for more fabric and notions.

I've been playing around on EQ and have come up with a couple of new projects that I want do. I'm going to try to be good and wait until I get some other things done. Who knows, maybe getting these quilts done will allow me to give some quilts as Christmas gifts.

I read a cool blog today. She's pretty fun and is having a drawing to celebrate her 300th post. What a cool idea! Since I'm new at this, I'm a far cry from 300 posts, but maybe I'll do something special for my 100th post. Check out her blog!

I'm running errands tomorrow, but hope to get some quilting done as well. I should have most of the evening to get my list started and organize my projects. I'll post my progress soon and perhaps a picture of the "Need Quilting" and "UFO" piles. I'm also sure I'll have at least one "What the heck did I do" quilt and will have to decide if it's worth keeping. Wish me luck!!!

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