Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Goals, Smoals

Well, so much for my first goals! I was very busy today and when I started to inventory my projects, I got side-tracked. The good side of that is that I got two quilts quilted and one binding is half done! I'll take pictures and post them as soon as the binding is done. The quilt that I'm in the middle of binding is the one that I am going to raffle off as a fundraiser for my 60 mile walk in August. I should have had this done a long time ago, but since it didn't happen, I'll get it done now and do my best to sell tickets! No crying over spilled milk or late projects!!!

Even though I didn't get my quilting organized, I did work on getting the basement organized. We are having a fundraiser garage sale June 11th and 12th so I was in the basement going through some boxes of holiday decorations, etc. to see what I haven't used for a couple of years and what I'm willing to get rid of. I'm pleased with the outcome so far, although we need a lot more stuff to make any money. The re-organized basement will also be a storage for some of my lesser used quilting supplies and fabric. I am trying to figure out a better system for storing fabric so that I can bette see what I have in my stash. I'm thinking that shelving in the basement might be the answer. I'll still have my tubs of fabric and works in progress in the sewing room, but I'll also have fabric downstairs. I'm thinking that I'll put my batting down there also, since it is so bulky.

Jack and I have a luncheon tomorrow and we probably won't be home until 1:30. I also have to work from 3-7. I've been trying to exercise and walk every day as preparation for the 60 mile walk, but it sure does take time. I shouldbe walking 5-10 miles a couple of times a week, but there just never seems to be enough time. I have to buckle down or I'll be paying for that come August!

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