Thursday, May 17, 2012

Found and Finished

Ok, so you know that I'm trying to reorganize my sewing area, right? Ok, I guess that is being generous because reorganize implies that it was organized at some point and that really has never been the case. Anyway, I digress.

I found the pieces for two aprons I was making for Quinn and Sadie. I have no idea how long ago I started these, but I'm guessing that it's been close to a year ago. I made a couple of aprons for Quinn to use at her house (and of course, now Sadie can use them), but I wanted a couple to stay here.

Instead of putting these in the "to be worked on" tub, I sat down and finished them! (Don't you just love the models?)

Now, I realize that technically I should have put them aside and continued working on the task at hand (cleaning, organizing, etc.) but I really felt the need to finish something and not just keep adding to the tub of itms to be worked on later.

These are done and I feel refreshed and ready to continue organizing. Of course my eagerness could be because I know that I have to run errands in a little bit, that I'll be in Dayton tomorrow and Saturday and in Columbus on Monday; which of course means that I don't have much time to work on the room anyway.

I really don't want to leave the room in a complete state of disaster while I'm gone now do I? Worse yet, I don't want to sit down to work on Tuesday and have a total mess.  I know, excuses, excuses, but it works for me right now!  :-)   

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