Monday, January 19, 2015

Design Wall Monday

All last week  I was very excited for the upcoming weekend, knowing that I'd have time to work on a couple of projects that were very close to completion. 

I sub taught 7th and 8th grades Social Studies the last two weeks and I loved it! Much to the students' chagrin, my original degree is in Comprehensive Social Sciences and I LOVE teaching about the Middle Ages, the American Revolution, etc. (I kind of think they thought they were going to do nothing for two weeks and maybe even have to wait to take mid-term exams until the "real" teacher was there.) Anyway, between prepping for the classes, grading exams and other evening commitments, I knew that a lot of sewing and quilting was just not in the cards.

Everything was going along swimmingly and I was grading the last of the exams when WHAM!!

Thursday afternoon two students were involved in an accident - a very serious accident. Paige is fine (physically) and was released from the hospital. Allie, an 8th grader was not so lucky. She was life- flighted to Toledo where she remains in critical condition.

Needless to say, Friday was a roller coaster day of emotions for all of us. Upon arriving to school, there was a quick teachers' meeting to discuss the day. We were given a prepared statement to read regarding the accident and the latest update on Allie's condition. The principal and counselor were in the classrooms and available as needed all day and many of the students were in a state of shock and disbelief. They wanted to do something, but didn't know what. During study hall they made signs and cards. At lunch they made wrist bands to wear and took group pictures to send to Allie. They discussed ways to raise money for gas cards, food vouchers, etc. for Allie's family because Toledo is about an hour away and they knew it would be expensive to make that trip daily. They did a lot, but they still needed/wanted to do more. (Despite what we often think when we listen to the news, there really are some great kids out there who are compassionate, intelligent, caring and just plain good!)

Watching and listening to the students got me thinking and after school I spoke with the Dean of Students and Principal about making a signature quilt for Allie. The students (and teachers) could sign it and Allie would have it with her like a big group hug. They agreed that would be a good idea and Friday night I started making a few sketches. I knew I needed something with lots of negative space for signatures and that Allie's favorite colors are pink and purple. I kind of wanted a heart, but wasn't sure. 

I saw a pixelated heart pattern on Moda Bakeshop,  liked it, and started sketching. (Yes, I have EQ and I could have used that, but I wanted to use paper and pencil.) Here's what I came up with.

Heart Quilt - 2.5 inch squares - signature quilt

I liked the sketch and started pulling fabric Saturday night. The pinks would be scrappy but Allie's name would be in a single purple fabric that will also be used for the binding. 

I couldn't start sewing until Sunday evening, but here's the top so far. Everything except the top two rows are sewn. (The big open spaces sure made piecing this quick!) 

Heart Quilt - 2.5 inch squares - signature quilt

I think I'll press some freezer paper to the back side of the large white sections where signatures will be place. That will make signing easier. I have the fabric pens ready and the instructions for the Dean of Students who is going to be organizing the signatures. The plan is that I will have this back by Thursday so I can quilt and bind it and give it to Allie's parents to take with them this weekend. 

This isn't what I had planned to do this past weekend or even this week, but it is what NEEDS to be done this week. I'll get to those other projects eventually. They've been waiting a long time and they can wait a bit longer. 

This quilt has moved to the front of the line. It speaks volumes for how I feel about quilts and my role in making them. My hope is that it will be therapeutic to the people who sign it as well as Allie and her parents.

Click HERE for an update to this post. Allie's quilt top is done and I'm piecing one for Paige. It will be ready for signatures tomorrow also.

Hug your loved ones today and tell them how you feel about them!

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Teri said...

Love this quilt. I have been stuck in red/pink mode all month. I just want to keep playing with those colors.

Cindy said...

What a special comfort quilt you are making. The design is wonderful but I'm most moved by the love that is in it already and more to come.

Kate said...

What a hard thing to cope with. You've done a great job on Allie's quilt. Hope both girls recover fully.