Monday, January 5, 2015

Design Wall Monday and More!

Yes, I do have something up on the wall today and I'm pretty excited about it.

This is the long-overdue quilt for Lynn and Ty - Framed Rectangles.

Right now the quilt measures 76" x 96" but I'll be adding a narrow border of the tan background fabric and then a randomly pieced piano key border.  If you look to the top left corner on the picture below, I've placed some fabric there to show you. When it's done, it will measure approximately 86" x 106".

Framed Rectangles Quilt in Blue and Teal with pieced borders- can be adjusted to use jelly roll strips

I know that many of you never make the same quilt twice, but I've made at least four other versions of this quilt. I made one for a Breast Cancer 3-Day Fundraiser Raffle Quilt using reproductions fabrics and I had someone like it so much that she asked me to make one for her. I made another one using reproduction fabrics that does not have the pieced border. For some reason, I don't have a picture of that quilt on this computer and it's hanging at a local shop because I'll be teaching a class on that later this month. I made a smaller version of quilt and used red, white and blue fabrics. It was one of the Honor Flight Quilts that I donated. I also made a small sample of this using Christmas fabrics. So, I guess this is number six. Wow!

Anyway, Lynn and Ty picked the pattern and some of the fabrics. The rest was left up to me and I made the decision over this past holiday break that I just had to buckle down and do it. I've got a pretty good start and since all of the pieced border units are made (in sets of four rectangles), it shouldn't take me long to finish.

This next quilt isn't technically ON the design wall, but it has been recently. (I'm pretty sure you were sick of seeing it posted here - unfinished.) It's quilted and half bound. I had the other quilt on the wall and couldn't put this one up for a picture so I decided to take it outside (before the frigid temperatures arrive), and snap a few shots. Can you see the Wonder Clips along the edges?  I'll work on the hand stitching one evening this week. I love the colors of this quilt and can't wait to show you a full picture.

Jelly Roll Quilt - Big Block Jelly Logs

I love taking pictures of quilts on this wood pile. (I know that's crazy, but I do!) 

Here's my Carolina Crossroads quilt FINALLY done, done and done (pieced, quilted and bound). Click HERE and HERE for some background information about making this Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.

Carolina Crossroads - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - scrappy quilt

I love this quilt! I love the colors! I love the pattern! I love the border fabrics and design I used for the borders! And, I love the red binding!

Carolina Crossroads - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - scrappy quilt

And I love Nikki! She's been waiting a very long time for this quilt. She is one happy daughter right now.  :-)

Carolina Crossroads - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - scrappy quilt

She sent me this picture within an hour of taking the quilt home. I think Ronan likes it too.

Carolina Crossroads - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - scrappy quilt

And since I'm showing off finished quilts that I've recently shown "in progress" here...

John Deere Log Cabin Quilt

This John Deere Log Cabin was a commissioned quilt for Christmas. It was BIG (94" x 114"), as you can probably tell from the picture. I had to hang it off of the balcony and weigh it down with jugs. Jack was sick the day I took the picture so he wasn't available to hold it like he has in the past. Click HERE and HERE to see other pictures of large quilts hanging off the balcony. They are kind of funny!

The recipient liked the quilt and I'm really happy about that. I always have this fear that commissioned quilts won't be loved. I'm really excited that Carl liked it and he's sure his uncle will love it. 

Check out what other quilters have on their design walls today.


Ramona said...

Your finishes are wonderful! It's always nice when the recipient of a quilt is so excited. I really like your framed rectangle quilt... it's very beachy looking.

Chris said...

I cannot decide which I like best. Your quilts are great.

Bonnie said...

What a great post today. You've really had some beautiful finishes recently. I too love the Carolina Crossroads in those colors. It looks great on the bed too. Good job!

Quiltsmiles said...

Love the colors of your Carolina Crossroads. Great finishes, way to go.