Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekend Progress

I try to set quilting goals, but that doesn't always work for me. For a long time, and still so today, my goals are often too lofty and then I find myself disappointed and frustrated that I didn't get everything accomplished. So, I've worked really hard this year in setting realistic goals; and so far, I'm having pretty good success with that.

On Monday, I posted this picture of my Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Challenge piece.

I am thrilled that I had time yesterday to complete the applique and get it all quilted. I didn't get a picture of the applique, but I did get one while I was quilting.

I even got the binding started.

I like this quilt and am looking forward to getting it finished. I have to find a fun place to take some pictures, but doubt that will happen for a few days. In the mean time, I'll just take some boring pictures here and share them.

I hope your weekend is productive; but even if it's not, I hope you have fun doing whatever you do. 😍 

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