Sunday, October 23, 2011

We're Home and Have Visitors

After a fun trip to Chicago to visit David, we returned home this evening and now have a couple of very special visitors. Can you tell that Sadie's really happy to be here? Ok, maybe it's me that's so happy she and Quinn are here.  :-)

Of course there was story time with Grandpa Jack before bed.

Oops. I think we're too late! I don't know if it was a boring story, Jack's melodious voice, or the fact that she had a very busy day.

Well, Sadie wasn't exactly thrilled when I took these fish away from her so I could put her to bed. She kept making this face and I couldn't stop laughing.

She's fast asleep now and didn't even fuss so she wasn't too upset. Maybe playing with these pumpkin placemats will make her happy and she'll forget about the fish. I think I'll wait to put the fish on this quilt until after the girls go home. I guess that means I better figure what else I'm going to work on this week.

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Mabel Weiss said...

nothing like those grand kids