Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Today's Happenings

To help reduce the stress of holidays, for the past few years, we have had our celebrations on days other than the actual holiday. Earlier today we had our Thanksgiving Brunch and while Nikki, Lynn, Zach and Ty cooked, Jack and I entertained the kids. Actually, the kids entertained us and we had a great time.

Sadie gave Avery a manicure,

while Quinn and Sadie painted their own nails. (The polish is made for kids and kind of peels off the fingers. It wipes up well and doesn't leave a mess.)

It was my turn to get a manicure. Avery used the blue and orange polish and did a great job considering she is two years old and this was her first time. Sadie finished off the manicure with painting a couple of nails pink. I was a proud grandma and didn't even remove the polish until AFTER my hair appointment.  

Ronan and Avery worked together to complete a puzzle. 

And then the four oldest kids drew pictures on the chalk placemats that my sister Ann made them. 

I love days like this and am thankful to have them. It is loud when everyone is here, but it is a wonderful LOUD.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Here!

I've had a number of people e-mail me to see if I'm ok, since I haven't posted anything in almost a month. Rest assured, I am fine. I've just been crazy busy and something had to give.

I promise to be back in the swing of posting regularly soon.

Thanks for the worries and concerns.

Happy Thanksgiving!