Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have been very busy lately and spent some time yesterday at Kare's house working on her HQ16. There was a small project that needed quilted and bound as soon as possible. Now, I had this quilt last week and started to do it, but quickly realized that the maker did not include enough backing so I had to wait until she could get more backing.

Well, yesterday was the day! I had the correct amount of backing, and even though the batting would be close, I could make it work. The quilt is flannel four-pach units alternated with minkee, and the back is flannel. (I'd post pictures, but I didn't ask if I could, so I won't.) Sounds easy right? Well, as you can probably guess, it wasn't!

I loaded the quilt. No problem. I started to baste the top and that's when things started going bad. As you probably know, flannel and minkee are stretchy and I really wanted to baste this well because it had some piecing issues that would require special care. Well, I made it over the first intersection but I wasn't so lucky with the next one. The machine bounced, I jumped and this is the result. OUCH!

Yep, that's where the HQ needle went through the side of my finger and broke. I was lucky. There was no blood on the quilt and it was easy to pull out the needle. I didn't have any bandages with me so I went upstairs and asked the girls if they had any and they did - Hello Kitty ones! Emma even played nurse and put it on for me. Of course, I didn't get a picture.  :-(

Anyway, this is the finger today. I think it's healing nicely but I'll keep a bandage on it because it bleeds whenever I knock it on something.

I never did quilt my other project(s). Maybe tomorrow..... 

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Sense of Humor

I firmly believe the a good sense of humor is really important if you want to have any real happiness. In regards to my blogging, the joke is on me as to when I'm going to find the time to really get organized and start making regular posts again. I really do hope it's soon. So followers, please stick with me. I promise to be back soon.

I have been quilting, but also doing a bunch of other stuff. When I finally do get around to posting a stash report, you'll see what I mean. UFOs are being done, as well as new projects, and that's a good thing. :-)

Now, the real reason for this post is that I received a call Thursday night from my almost 4-year old granddaughter Quinn who wanted to tell me a joke before she went to bed. I could hear the excitement and pride in her voice and Nikki told me that she made up this joke while they were in the car earlier in the day.

Ok, so here you go. Maybe we have a show biz person in the making here.  :-)

Quinn: "Grandma, do you know why the reindeer crossed the road?"
Me: "No Quinn I don't. Why did the reindeer cross the road?"
Quinn: "Because Christmas was last year!" Hahahahahahaha

Thanks Lauren Tiura Photography for the great picture!

I'm guessing Quinn told herself one of her jokes and she's laughing at it.  :-)

I probably shouldn't bank on Quinn supporting me in my old age, but it still makes me smile!