Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun in Nelsonville, OH

We had rain off and on most of the day yesterday (Monday) so we went to Athens and Nelsonville and bummed around. Of course Ann and I took the opportunity to go back to Nelsonville Quilt Company and this time Jack went in with us. I took the opportunity to snap a few more pictures of the shop for the blog. There was a Twister class going on and I peaked in for just a minute. These quilts are going to be beautiful!!

Here are a couple of random shots of the store.

Here's Susan (the owner) at the cash register. She's super nice and helpful!

I like this doorway between the main shop and the classroom/longarm room. Do you see Jack?

Here's Cathy (Queen of the Gammill) talking shop with Jack. They had a nice long visit and I wish I had my camera when they were saying goodbye - with a great big hug. They looked like old friends who hadn't seen each other in years; but in reality they met yesterday for the first time. I love it when you make those connections!

After the quilt shop, we went to the Rocky Boot Factory Outlet store. We've stopped here before and I've bought a few things, but nothing struck my fancy this trip.

Bill likes pottery and since the quilt shop classroom has taken over the storefront that used to house the pottery store, we decided to find the new location. Of course it would have been easier if we had thought to ask at the quilt shop, but since we didn't, Ann did what any resourceful shopper would do. She used her smart phone, got the information and then called the shop!

I love this lamp and "Handmade in Ohio" sign!

Here's something else that I really like - using an ironing board (minus the padding) to display magnets. How clever!

Here's Jennifer (the owner) and Jack. Even though she was technically closed, Jennifer told us to come on over and she was sooooo nice! I can't show you what we bought because they are gifts and we don't want to spoil the surprise.

Here are a couple of random shots of the shop. This place is filled with lots of fun and interesting items like pottery, jewelry, beads, clothing, hats, pottery supplies, etc. I'm sure just about everyone could find something that they just have to take home.  :-) 

I love the layout of this shop. Check out the wood floors and the great lighting. Can you see the tin ceiling in the picture below?

Jennifer took us back to her awesome classroom. Of course my camera was having issues and I didn't get a good picture of the classroom, but I think you can get the idea just from this picture. I'd love to take a class here. Who wants to join me?

I'm telling you, this place was awesome. Thanks Jennifer for opening up for us!

Right outside the door to the Emporium, I noticed the sidewalk. Isn't this beautiful?

After our little adventure, I was kind of glad it rained. I had a blast.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Even though I'm not home, I did some sewing last night and here's what is on the wall, which is actually the futon.  :-)

This is the sample that I put together before I cut into the "real" fabric. I'm not working with a pattern (that would be too easy), so I wanted to test my measurements as well as the piecing of the diamonds, which create the eight-pointed star at the interesections. I like how it looks and I think I have the correct log sizes so I started on the real project. Here's where I am so far.

I have to add two more light and dark logs. (The last light log is just placed up next to the block and still needs sewn.) I also have to add the diamonds to the last logs before they are sewn to the block but I haven't cut them yet. I have 12 of the 36 blocks to this point. Sometimes I like to work in smaller sets so I feel like I have accomplished something.  :-)

I'm not the only productive person here. My sister Ann has been working on Snap Happy Bags for all of us girls. Here's just a peek at what she's been doing.

Barb's been working on a quilt project from school as well as napkins, and Pat made a mesh market bag that is just adorable. She also worked on a crib bed skirt. Of course I don't have those pictures because there was a period here where I couldn't find my camera. There will be pictures coming; just as soon as they are forwarded to me by someone who had a camera.  :-)

The sister's weekend was wonderful and a few of us have stayed on for an extended time to relax and enjoy each other's company. In case you missed yesterday's post about our adventure to the quilt and yarn shops, you can read about that here.

I'll post a few more pictures later, but we're headed to Athens in a little while and I need to get ready.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stash Enhancement

This really isn't going to be a full stash report, but I wanted to share what I've been up to the last couple of days.

It is time again for our Annual Sisters' Weekend, and as usual, we've had a blast. Check out these pictures to see our "digs" for the event. We made a trip into Nelsonville (actually, two trips to be exact), and that required trips to Nelsonville Quilt Company. This is a really fun shop and I always look forward to stopping by and leaving a bit of cash behind. Here's my stash enhancement from the first trip. I didn't just shop willy-nilly. I have plans for all of these pieces. The two fabrics to the left will be used in a Snap Happy project while the others will be used in a little something that I'm still sketching.

The second trip netted the following fabrics. The two fabrics on the right are for Terri's quilt that is still in our minds. She REALLY likes the top fabric and decided that we should get a bit of it to remind us of the "inspiration" fabric.  Don't tell my friend Kare, but the fabric on the left is for her!

 All told, I only bought 4 yards of fabric, but my sisters each bought some, so it was a good trip. Ann and I plan to make another trip to the shop either Monday or Tuesday so who knows what will find it's way back to the house. That will appear in another stash report, so I'm not even going to think about it right now. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Let me tell you a bit about Nelsonville Quilt Company.

The shop is located in the Historic Art District of Nelsonville, Ohio and was started in 2003 as a longarm shop only. Lucky for us, in 2005 Susan (the owner) came to her senses and converted a former doctor's office into a retail quilt shop that boasts over 2300 bolts of awesome fabric! The shop offers a variety of classes and has some wonderful samples of not only quilts, but purses, bags, and lots of other items to tickle your creative fancy.

The bottom picture above is the door to the classroom. It is a really nice set up with great space and good lighting. The back of the room houses a Gammill, along with some really fun threads, a nice selection of batting, various wide backing fabrics, etc. I really liked the classroom space and would love to teach there. I'm sure most of you teachers out there know that great classroom space is often difficult to come by, so you appreciate it when you see it.

As an authorized Janome dealer, a certified Tin Lizzie Dealer and a Gammill sales rep, I have no doubt that Susan or any of the staff can answer whatever questions you may have in regards to quilting. They are all so helpful and fun that it truly is a pleasure to shop there. They make you feel just like you have walked into your home shop (or Cheers - remember that show?). Of course it doesn't hurt that all seven of the sisters think Susan looks and talks like our cousin Laura. We feel like she's just part of the family. (Susan, if you are reading this, Ann and I will see you soon!) 

Just across the street from the quilt shop is The Little Yarn Shop.

Now I'm not a knitter, but this was fun stop for me. Gail, the owner was lots of fun and patient with us as we invaded visited her shop. She has some wonderful fibers at the shop including Plymouth Encore, Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride and Nature Spun. She is also an Ashford dealer for your all your spinning and weaving needs, and carries a good selection of DMC floss and other embroidery and counted cross stitch supplies. (How many of you quilters started your crafting life as cross stitchers? I know I'm not the only one out there!)

I didn't get as much as a couple of my sisters, but here's my stash from that visit. Again, don't tell Kare, but she's getting one of these bottles.  :-)

We sure did pick a great day to stop at the shop because it was Thursday, which is Sale Day. There were LOTS of things 50% off (almost everything in ths shop), including my Gloves in a Bottle. WOOHOO!!

Thursday is Stitch Night at the shop so if you live close by, head over to Nelsonville at 5pm with a project and some food for a stitchin' good time! 

Both shops have facebook pages. Check them out here.

In regards to my Stash Report.... 4 yards in, but since I'm not home and haven't updated my report on this computer, I have no idea of what has gone out in the past few weeks. I have to get busy with week.

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