Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans Day


Thank you!

I will share a recent Quilt of Valor presentation pictures soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Quilt Top Finishes

I finished the Rickrack quilt top that I showed yesterday

This picture really does not do these fabrics justice. It was windy and nasty outside, so I had no choice but to take the picture on the design wall. The light was mediocre at best. I even tried to get a close up of the fabrics, but even that didn't work. In the picture below, the dark fabric is much darker than in reality, but I tried. These are fabrics from Corey Yoder. The coral is from the Sugarcreek collection and the grey is from Canning Jar. The light is actually a very light green that works perfectly with these other two fabrics.

Here is the quilt that I mentioned in yesterday's post. It's called Dash and can be found in the Easy Peasy 3-Yard Quilt book

These fabrics photographed a bit better than the previous quilt, but they still aren't great. The grey is easy to see, but the orange - no so much. I look forward to getting this outside and getting good pictures. This was fun and easy to make. 

I've got one more to make and hope to get to that within the next couple of days. Stay posted!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Design Wall Monday

I'm still working on secret sewing projects, but I do take some time to sneak in a few of my own projects every once in a while.

A while back, I bought a couple of the 3 Yard Quilts books by Donna Robertson.  My intention was to make a number of these projects and use them for donation quilts. I also figured that since I would have made the quilts, I could use my experience to help new quilters make fun, attractive, and easy quilts. It sounds like a great plan, right?

Before I even picked out my first project, "the virus" hit and things got a little crazy. Since we were staying home, you'd think that would have been a perfect time to pick up these books and put my plan into action. Did I do that? Nope! Instead, I worked on a few UFOs, started (and even finished) some new projects, and worked on variety of pattern tests and commission works. These books get set aside and pushed to the back burner.

They finally made their way to the front of the line last week while I was at Chestnut Ridge. My friend Ellen and I pulled fabric for one project from each of three books I own and I got started cutting and sewing. Seriously, these projects take 3 yards of fabric - 1 yard of 3 different fabrics, and that even includes the binding. Yes, they will be small quilts; but there are instructions on how to enlarge each of the quilts to twin size or queen/king. Easy, peasy!

I have one top complete, but don't have a good picture. I'll get that later today and share that tomorrow. Here is my progress on the second quilt - Rickrack, from Quick as a Wink 3-Yard Quilts.

These quilts really are quick and easy to make. I made the first one in just a few hours and this one will be the same. I'll make the third top later this week and then look for backing. I'd love to get these quilted and bound quickly so they don't get put into the "tub of shame" AKA - "to be quilted tub." 

What are you working on today?

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Beth's Monday Making 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

November Color Challenge

 It's Color Challenge Time!

This month's color is Buff

and the bird is the Buff Breasted Sandpiper

For the pattern and block instructions, 
head over to 


We are getting close to the end of the year and I know that many of us feel that is a really good thing. While there are some things that I am happy to see ending, participating in the Color Challenge is not one of them. I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful quilt blocks, but have enjoyed learning about the birds even more.

This unassuming beauty is a young Buff Breasted Sandpiper.
I will admit that when I first saw that November's color was Buff, I was not overly excited. It looked kind of blah to me. It didn't take long before I changed my mind when I got a look at this bird and how my blocks were coming together. 

The Buff Breasted Sandpiper is a rather small, slender bird with a short bill and round head. Their eyes look "beady" to me, but they are often described as "wide-eye expression" by ornithologists. That sounds so much better than "beady." 

See what I mean by an unassuming look? This adult bird doesn't have fancy feathers or plumage. Instead it's just a wonderful, sleek-looking bird.

Well, that's the case until the males start their mating ritual.  
Check out this short video in which the male erupts into a beautiful display. He spreads his wings, points his bill to the sky and puffs out his chest. He even turns for us! Be patient, he'll spread his wings starting around the 25 second mark. 

You can hear a little bit of the calls in the above video, but HERE are some better examples. 
These birds are usually pretty quiet, but the males make a ticking sound when courting females; and the make low trills and "chuh" call when in flight.

These birds, which were once very abundant, have declined in in numbers since the early 1900s. They are migratory birds that can be found in North America mostly on dry open grounds (prairies, pastures, airports, and plowed fields). They can be found on shores of lakes and ponds, or on coastal flats, but those areas of usually high and dry. They eat mostly insects - flies, midges, and beetles, as well as spiders and small crustaceans.


Similar to last month's color (olive) I have discovered that I have not used buff in many quilts over the years. As a matter of fact, I can't find any pictures in which I used buff as the focus color. :-(

Since this is not a typical color for me to use and since I wasn't exactly excited about it, I did struggle choosing my fabric for this month. Once again, the wonderful staff at Once Upon a Quilt came to the rescue. Isn't this batik beautiful?

Speaking of Once Upon a Quilt, they just started Twisted Tuesday. Watch this video to see how you can participate. Sew much FUN!

Here are my pieces, cut and ready to sew.

And here are my blocks. I love them!

Check out the other bloggers who made the block this month. It's always fun to see the different fabrics used and the interpretation of the color. 

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