Thursday, February 3, 2022

Quilting Celebrations

A very common thing that many quilter do when sharing a project is to point out what they perceive as "mistakes." I can't tell you how many times I look at a wonderful quilt and then hear things like:

1) There are a bunch of seams that don't match up right.

2) I've cut off the tips of my star points.

3) That blue (insert whatever color you want) really doesn't match the other colors.

4) I didn't really follow the pattern, and it shows.

5) My quilting/binding, etc. is not very good.

6) This is just an easy project that has been sitting around for a lot of years. I should have finished it years ago. 

We need to STOP saying these things!

Instead, we should be pointing out all the positive and WONDERFUL things about our projects.

Let's try this instead:

1) I learned so much in the process of working on this quilt, and practice makes perfect on seam intersections.

2) I didn't make mistakes and cut off the points. I made a design change and created the "Pointless Star Wonder Quilt!"

3) I have expanded my palette and am learning that a quilt is so interesting when you step outside the box and throw in a color or fabric that is not considered "normal." I'm living on the quilting edge! Why don't you join me?

4) I started with a pattern and then spun off and tried my own thing. It was challenging, but a great experience. 

5)  I've been trying new things and am learning how to free motion quilt/bind my own quilts. That means I am finishing projects and THAT is amazing.

6) I am excited to have completed a project that I set aside because I didn't know how to finish it/got bored with it, etc. I am meeting my goal of clearing out UFOs and I am thrilled about that!


I think we should all take a lesson from my grandson's teacher. 

Take a look at this picture and read the sign that he got to wear at school for an entire day - AN ENTIRE DAY OF BEING PROUD OF HIS ACCOMPLISHMENT!

We should all be thrilled with our progress - no matter how small we think it is. 

We need to start looking at our talents and triumphs and not our downfalls. 

We need to be proud of reaching our goals or stepping up to challenges; and we need to be excited to share what we've done. 

We also need to be excited for others who are setting goals and reaching them or stepping outside their comfort zone and trying new techniques. We really need to be excited for those people who are just starting out on this amazing quilting journey. It's a great trip and is even more great to have some friends along for the ride.  :-)   

What was your goal or success story today? 

I'd love for you to tell me about it!