Sunday, April 27, 2008

Look at the hair!!!

Here is a picture of Quinn when she was just 3 days old. It is amazing how much hair she has, and how dark it is!
She is doing well and is a joy to be with! I made 2 quilts for her before she was born and know that there will be many more to follow.
By the way, I wanted to add this picture to the last post, but didn't remember it. Is that a sign of age or just not paying attention?!?
My camera quit working properly yesterday, but I think I will be able to download all of the pictures that are in it. I can't take any pictures, but I can view them. I guess that I had better get the pictures onto my computer before that becomes impossible also. I have more pictures of Quinn (of course), some quilts and lots of misc. stuff. I'll probably do that tonight.

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