Friday, July 11, 2008

Garage Sale Preparations

Our big fundraising garage sale begins tomorrow (actually, later today) and we've been working on gettting ready for it. We've had LOTS of donations and that's great. Pricing everything is a pain, but we've learned that individual pricing is the way to go. Customers like it much better when they can see the asking price and not have to guess or wait until we are close by so they can ask. Anyway, it's a pain, but well worth the time and trouble.

I had to work from noon to 7:00 and I really had to go to the grocery store or I'm sure my family was going to forbid me to enter the house. It was close to 8:30 by the time I made it home, and by the time I had the groceries put away and grabbed something to drink, it was almost 9:00. I walked outside and began to work on final pricing when Jack came out and said that we had better get the tarps ready because it was going to rain. Of course, I was not happy, but I did it anyway and he was right, it rained. After the rain stopped. Lynn and I worked for a little longer then decided that we'd just have to get up early and finish. We were a little afraid to set anything else out, for fear that it would start raining again. (It had not rained again, by the way...)

Of course, Lynn, being the smart person that she is, went to bed but I decided to check my e-mail and post to my blog!! Who needs a decent amount of sleep anyway, right?!? I'll post again in the evening and let you know how the sale is progressing.

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