Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here's a Quickie!!

The bake sale was a huge success! We had a ton of food and even though it was a fairly slow Saturday for Bob Evans, we sold a lot. We started selling a little before 9:00AM and were scheduled to stay until we sold out (we assumed that would be around 2:30 or 3:00). There was so many items donated that we were there until around 4:00; but we did sell out. As usual, I met a lot of interesting and fun people! I don't have my camera here to download pictures, but I hope to do that tonight.

We are getting close to the 3 Day event and I've checked the weather forecast. It is supposed to be cool in the mornings and evenings, but hot and humid during the day. Also, there is a chance of rain on Sunday. Of course! Oh well, as you all know I'm not made of sugar so the rain won't hurt me. It sure didn't last year!

I'm both excited and anxious for the event. My foot has been giving me some real trouble lately and I worry about that. I guess that I just do what I can and not put myself on too strict of a schedule. I have 12 hours each day to complete the 20 miles so I don't have to be back in camp within 7 hours! I will take my time and get there when I get there.

Lynn has been babysitting every day this week and won't be home until tonight so we haven't really had any time to organize ourselves yet. We'll have to get the packing done tonight and make the final decisions on how we are decorating the tent. Since we are each allowed 1 bag at 35 pounds, we have to do some constructive packing to get everything that we need to take. Our shoes (2 pairs each) take up a lot of room! We know that we over-packed last year and hope to avoid that this year. Jack is also allowed 1 bag and I doubt that he will exceed the 35 pounds, so he should be ok. Anyway, we are getting excited.

I have binding to add to two large quilts. I was hoping to work on them before the weekend, but I don't think that will happen. That will give me something to do next week, while I recover. I'll also post pictures.

The Melon Festival is coming up fast and I will be selling raffle tickets for the guild quilt. It is pink and brown and I love the quilting. Check out Karen's blog to see a picture.

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