Saturday, February 7, 2009

I See Green and Brown

It is amazing, but I see colors outside! It is 51 degrees, the snow is melting and there are patches of green and brown appearing around the yard. YEAH!!!!

If you look closely at the second picture, you will see that the animals are enjoying an afternoon in the yard as well. Do you see the possum?

I know it is early to be thinking that there won't be anymore snow, but it sure is nice to have warm temperatures and see green.

As you can see, my camera is working, but it's only because I have a new disc in. I am resigning myself to the fact that I have lost all of the pictures on the other disc. :( I guess that will teach me to take them off the camera sooner.

I have added a couple of blogs to my list. Check them out! The knittingbrow is my brother's blog and his Jan. 31st video is showing some of the family calendars we've made over the years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Jerry!

Jack and I are off to visit my sister Ann and her family. Mom is staying with them, but will be returning to Dayton soon. We'll be taking Quinn with us and I know we'll have a great tme. I'm also pretty sure that the trip is a "Photo Op" waiting to happen!


Katney said...

Are you walking the 3-Day again this year? I registered yesterday to walk in Arizona, as we will be on a cruise the week of the Seattle which is nearest us. Arizona is in November, and we always spend Thanksgiving with our kids there.

I just came in from raking old leaves that I should have done before we had snow. I think our snows have come and gone, but I hope we can get up to the mountains for some snowshoeing fun.

If there isn't going to be any more snow here, then I think spring can come.

Joanne said...

Yes I am walking again, but this year I am crewing in Cleveland and walking in Dallas. My husband is walking for the first time and I think that the July heat in Cleveland would be very difficult for him. He has a cousin in Dallas who is a survivor and she wants to walk this year, so we are going with her. Unfortunately my daughter will be student teaching during Dallas so she won't be able to walk. I would walk with her in Cleveland as well as Dallas if I thought I could raise the money for both cities, but I think that would be very challenging.

Have you walked before? This will be my third walk and I am really looking forward to it. I just finished my Trainng Walk Leader conference call, so I am energized to get moving.

I have a sister who lives in Marysville, north of Seattle. I love that area and want to schedule a visit with her soon.

Our snow is almost completely gone. We went from having over 12" on the ground to almost nothing in about 24 hours. It seems strange to not see white everytime I look out the window.

Have a great day!