Saturday, May 1, 2010

Clean Up Time

Okay, does anyone remember in January when I stated I was going to keep my sewing area clean? Well, it worked for quite a while, but it's not working now.

The top of my pressing/cutting station has at least 5 different projects on it right now ( my nickle quilt project, a Quilts for Kids project, binding for my Cool Cats/Twister, two pillowcases using fabric left over from a previous project-cut and ready to sew together, and my mini nine-patch swap blocks-all pieced and in the pressing stage. That doesn't include the tub of strips I'm adding to while I'm working. YIKES!! Now, in my defense, the nickle quilt project and the Quilts for Kids project are being made using the leader/ender method so they are always out, but they don't have to be HERE.

I know, it doesn't matter what excuses I give, it's a mess and time to clean it up! The pressing side looks pretty clean, doesn't it? Well, that's because I had to press the blouse I wanted to wear today and I moved stuff.

That's right! I had to move it to my sewing chair and I'll have to move it somewhere else when I want to sit down to sew. Of course I said to myself that I could just sew standing up for a while until I was ready to use these fabrics or move them back to the pressing station and move it again when I needed to press, and then...... That's when I knew it was time to clean! (You know, you've got to be really in tune with yourself and be willing to listen to your inner voice when you're making major, time-consuming decisions - like cleaning your sewing room!) :-)

It's not like I'm slacking and not doing anything. I've been busy (work-I did a special program twice this past week that took quite a bit of prep work, some sewing, the 5 woven blanket embroidery order, and volunteering for Stein Hospice). Of course, I'm not showing pictures of any other part of the house because I never promised to keep that clean! :-)

Anyway, quilt-wise I'm still working on quilting my Cool Cats/Twister quilt. I just have not taken the time to sit down and finish it because other things keep popping up. I hope to rectify that this evening, assuming the clean-up doesn't take too long. I'd like to be hand stitching the binding while I watch the baseball game.

I also have a partial Thimbleberries Twister quilt. Do you remember when I made my first Twister quilt and I said that I wanted to do a large one using Thimbleberries? Well I made one but wasn't sure how I wanted to border it. Also, I'm not completely thrilled with the final layout but it's growing on me and I know that adding the border will hopefully resolve that issue. My guess is that this is the project that will be on my design wall Monday so I won't include a picture today.

I'm quilting a raffle quilt for a friend of mine who is raising money for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I have the project layered and have made my final decision on how I'm going to quilt it. After I get her permission, I'll post a picture here with ticket information.

I could just keep rambling all day long and put off the "BIG CLEAN UP, " but I won't. Wish me luck, and call my husband if you don't hear from me in a day or so because that means I have fallen into a fabric bin and I can't get up!

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