Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I have a couple of projects up on the wall today. First of all I've gone back to working on my Stepping Stones quilt (another Judy Niemeyer quilt). I have 24 of the 36 blocks pieced. Here they are randomly placed in the approximate position they will be on the finished project.
I'm happy to be working on this again!

As I've mentioned before, I'm working on 12 lap quilts for the Honor Flight program and I hit a bit of a snag tonight with the seventh quilt. Each quilt will be a different pattern and some of them are the result of me just playing around with EQ and liking what I draw. Well, every so often I draw something or mix and match various blocks in EQ and just fall in love with how it looks. Of course that means I stop what I'm doing and get busy on the new project. (I've just erased all doubt as to why I have a bunch of UFOs, haven't I?)

Well, usually it works well and I like my fabric choices along with the overall design. Unfortunately that's not always the case. :-(    Yesterday I began playing around with a Courthouse Steps block variation and liked how it looked but when I started sewing, I began to fall out of love with it. I don't know if it's the fabrics I chose or the layout, but I'm just not loving it! I took a couple of pictures of possible layouts and will make a decision this afternoon as to which one I like best.

Here are the two layouts. What do you think?I'm open to all opinion and thoughts!!

Because these quilt must finish 36" x 48", there will be no borders added to this; and I was thinking of a gold binding - the same gold that is in the center of each of the blocks.

Like I said, I'll make a decision later today so that means I can work on my Stepping Stones quilt until then. YEAH!!

If you didn't get a chance to see the quilt that we're raffling off, click here! I'm really excited about this quilt. I loved piecing it and when I gave it to my friend Rachel to quilt it, I just knew that no matter what design she used, I would love it! Click on the picture to get a close up of the quilting. I LOVE it! Thanks Rachel!!

My sewing is going to be a bit limited this week because we're holding our annual fundraiser garage sale this weekend and I have quite a bit of work to do in order to get ready. I'm sure I can sneak a few minutes though. Afterall, sewing/quilting relaxes me!

Check out what other quilters have on their design wall today by going to Judy L's Patchwork Times. Who knows, you might just get inspired!


Quilt Monkey said...

I just love the Stepping Stones quilt! I missed it when Keepsake Quilting had a kit for sale, and ended up not even getting the pattern. Your post reminded me about it, so I'll have to go looking for the pattern again. It's looking great so far!

Quilt Monkey said...

I just realized you have a link - boy you made that easy for me!!

Nina-Marie said...

I hadn't seen the stepping stone quilt before - can't wait to see it all done! It really grabbed my attention!

QuiltSwissy said...

I have a friend who is working on a Steping Stones quilt. I love it. But it is too involved for me! glen

Gari said...

I like the second view best. I think it is because the colors blend and it is more symetrical. I've never seen Stepping Stones but every time I see the name Judy Niemeyer, I run. ;-)

Quilty Conscience said...

Love your stepping stones! Toni

Jennifer said...

I like the second layout a little better, I think because it makes the eye dance a little more. Love the stepping stones too!