Saturday, November 5, 2011

A View From the Upstairs Window

This is what I saw from my upstairs window this morning. (I really do need to clean that screen before I put in the storm windows!)

Jerry was using his newly acquired chainsaw skills to start cutting the logs in our back yard. After a little bit, I went downstairs and looked out the back door to see the following.

I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I imagine it was something like "Holy crap, that's a lot of wood!"

Since the goal was for Jerry to learn about his saw and not necesarrily get all the logs cut, we decided that was enough wood cut and we headed to Planktown Market and then to Lynn's for a late lunch.

We enjoyed a nice long visit with Lynn and Ty and headed home for a quiet evening.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Men and their toys!! Those are nice straight trees - I would have sent them to mill - mony from planking would buy a cord and lots left over.

Joanne said...

With the exception of one, the trees are all dead ash and they make great fireplace wood. What's really nice is that the wood can all be used this year and doesn't have to be seasoned. :-)