Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have been very busy lately and spent some time yesterday at Kare's house working on her HQ16. There was a small project that needed quilted and bound as soon as possible. Now, I had this quilt last week and started to do it, but quickly realized that the maker did not include enough backing so I had to wait until she could get more backing.

Well, yesterday was the day! I had the correct amount of backing, and even though the batting would be close, I could make it work. The quilt is flannel four-pach units alternated with minkee, and the back is flannel. (I'd post pictures, but I didn't ask if I could, so I won't.) Sounds easy right? Well, as you can probably guess, it wasn't!

I loaded the quilt. No problem. I started to baste the top and that's when things started going bad. As you probably know, flannel and minkee are stretchy and I really wanted to baste this well because it had some piecing issues that would require special care. Well, I made it over the first intersection but I wasn't so lucky with the next one. The machine bounced, I jumped and this is the result. OUCH!

Yep, that's where the HQ needle went through the side of my finger and broke. I was lucky. There was no blood on the quilt and it was easy to pull out the needle. I didn't have any bandages with me so I went upstairs and asked the girls if they had any and they did - Hello Kitty ones! Emma even played nurse and put it on for me. Of course, I didn't get a picture.  :-(

Anyway, this is the finger today. I think it's healing nicely but I'll keep a bandage on it because it bleeds whenever I knock it on something.

I never did quilt my other project(s). Maybe tomorrow..... 

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barncow said...

I know how that feels! The first time I sewed my finger was in High School and I was working on my Easter dress. Took me a long time to finish that one.