Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday

As expected, not a lot of quiting was done here this past week.

Ronan's quilt from this post is quilted and ready for binding. That's what's on my wall today. I have the binding strips cut, but not pieced together yet. My goal is to get that done today, attach it to the quilt and start the hand-stitching tonight. We'll see how that works.  :-)

I did get some handwork done. The binding is completely done on this quilt. (You saw a glimpse of this quilt here.) This is a very old UFO (at least six years), and it feels great to have it done.

I had finished the top a long time ago and even pieced the back. Thinking I was going to quilt this on my home machine, I didn't worry too much about the fact that the back wasn't too much larger than the front, or the fact that the back was pieced and there was a definite need to layer this acurately to center the front and back. Well, after it had been sitting in my "To Be Quilted" tub for a year or two, I took it to my friend Kare's house soon after she got her HQ 16 because she was going to teach me to quilt. This was definely NOT the quilt on which to learn so it sat there for at least three years. Seriously, there was probably one 1 -1 1/2 inches of excess backing on all sides. That was it! I certainly know better now. 

I finally bit the bullet and quilted this thing in mid-March while Kare was gone. I used a varigated thread on top and bottom and quilted random swirls over the entire thing. I know the thread was from Superior Threads, but I forget the name or number and the spool is at Kare's. :-( 

Here's a close up of the quilting.

And the back. Bad picture, but you get the idea.

I really like the results and am so glad it's done!

I recently had someone ask me why I make so many quilts. I tried to explain, but finally decided that a picture is worth a thousand words. What better explanation than seeing two young girls enjoying the fruits of my labor while Uncle Jerry reads to them!

The kids will be here for another week, and I'm so happy! I look forward to many more photo ops that include quilts.  :-)

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QuiltSwissy said...

Great picture, definitely a wonderful reason to quilt!


Miri said...

A great reason to quilt...and you do it so well! Lovely finishes!

scraphappy said...

The longer a project sits unfinished, the better it feels to finally cross it off the list. Great looking quilt, so glad you can call it done!

Vicki said...

Pretty quilts. I love the quilting too. I guess people who don't quilt wouldn't understand why we make so many. :)

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Well, you got farther than I did with that quilt. I bought the pattern but never made the quilt!

You did a fine job and it looks like you have two people who will probably appreciate it. :)