Monday, August 6, 2012

Design Wall Monday & More

I haven't posted in a while, but that sure doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I have lots of different things on the design wall today so let's take a look.

Here's the back to a chenille blanket that is ready for cutting the channels. I picked up the fabric for this Saturday afternoon and my plan is to have this in the washer this evening. YEAH!! I think that's a pretty darn good turn-around time for fabric.  :-)

I decided to make the back a bit interesting so I pieced it using a strip of the fabric from the front and the pink fabric that will be used for the binding. I like how it turned out and I know you can't really tell in the picture, but I like what the diagonal quilting lines does to this.

Actually, I'm making a small version of this blanket also, as these are a gift for a very special young girl. She and her baby doll will have matching quilts! Happy birthday Sadie Jane!!  :-)

Here's a close up of the doll chenille. You can probably see the quilting lines better if you click on the picture to enlarge it. I simply used the edge of my walking foot as my guide for keeping the stitching lines straight. It sure does eliminate a lot of time marking lines.  

It's funny but I seem to go in spurts when it comes to making chenille blankets. I hadn't made any for a few years and them I made a couple last year, along with a few chenille rugs; and this is the fourth one I've made already this year. Go figure!

Chenille Update: They are in the dryer as I type this! I also forgot to tell you that the print fabric is a Riley Blake Design - Enchanted Gardent by Samantha Walker. It is so fun!!

I still have the Gateway to Paradise on the wall, but all of the blocks are sewn together and I'm ready for borders. I have the first narrow black border ready to go. See it to the left of the quilt? I hope to get to this yet today, but well see.

I just finished an embroidery order for the Remembrance Center and that is the second one this week. I like to stay near the machine when it's running, so I'm working on the binding for Kare's quilting samples. Don't you love multi-tasking?

This past Friday, Lynn and I spent a little bit of time (less than 2 hours) freezing some crock pot dinners. We put together 9 meals each and now we're ready for some of those busy days ahead when we know we'll be getting home late and just not have enough time (or energy), to fix a decent meal. YUMMY!!

Oh yea, I picked up the fabric I need for my Totally Groovy Quilt Along Saturday and I'm really excited to get working on that! I'll keep you posted on that progress.
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