Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Photo Catch Up

I've been meaning to post a few pictures from Lynn and Ty's wedding and I just realized that I never got around to do it. No more waiting!

Sometimes, simple is best!
As we celebrated love that day, we missed those who were able to join us in spirit only.

The necklace! This necklace has been worn by most of the brides in my family weddings since Mom and Dad married. Mom is helping Lynn put the necklace in the flowers so she can carry on the tradition. I don't doubt that there were a few words of wisdom exchanged here too.
Speaking of words of wisdom; I'm sure Sadie had a few for Lynn as well. Don't you just love how Sadie decied she wanted to wear her headband?  :-)
The kids needed a bit of entertainment while waiting for the ceremony to begin, and what better way to be entertained than sitting so close to the ceiling? 
This looks like Ty is the one giving the advise here.
And here are the lovely bridesmaids...
Ty and Rev. Roger are ready.

I just love this picture. Nikki is so beautiful!

So is Quinn! She did such a good job walking up the aisle all by herself.

And here comes the bride!

The Unity Candle ceremony was beautiful! Jack was reading scripture during this part of the wedding and I was so touched.
And here's the happy couple.
The wedding party made a quick stop on the way to the reception.
It's time for the fun to begin!
There was laughter...

There was dancing...

by both young and old.
And there was just plain lots of fun! I loved the hula hoops, lights and bling!
And just like Quinn looking for surprises under Lynn's train...
Lynn and Ty's life will be full of adventures. So with a kiss, they begin their journey together!


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What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.