Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Old Bags Day Recap, Part 1

Kare and I hosted our first Old Bags Day Sew-In January 26th and it was a big success. No we weren't calling anyone an Old Bag. We just wanted them to bring a bag (or two) of UFOs and get working on them. It was just a happy coincidence that "Old Bag" has two meanings. :-) When we were toying with the idea of doing this, we were hoping to have enough people sign up to at least cover the cost of the hall rental. We were pleasantly surprised to fill all the spots and then some. We had 32 participants and a waiting list of 6. WOW!!

Since this was our first event and we wanted to keep everyone happy just in case there were some issues, we decided to give everyone a little gift. (By the way, we had one small issue with the electricity, but it was resolved very quickly.) We gave everyone a spray bottle with their very own homemade Quilter's Moonshine (aka Iron Juice).


We were so fortunate to have help with the set up. Thanks Ann, Claire, Gail and Jack!

After setting up, we went home a bit excited and nervous, wondering what the next day would bring. Braving the elements (snow and cold) the participants began arriving right at 9:00!

Ahhhh, I love the sound of sewing machines running!
Work continues... lots of sewing, consulation and just plain FUN!
And finally, the oohing and ahhing begins! Isn't Karen's quilt beautiful?

Look at what Mariann was working on. There was some discussion on her border options and I can't wait to see what she decided.

Janet got her binding on all handstitched down. I love this quilt!
I have a couple of things I have to do right now, so I'll continue with part 2 later today. Are you excited to see more?
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Click here for the Quilter's Moonshine recipe.


Rachel said...

Joanne, It looks like so much fun! Wish I could have been there. Maybe I will be able to make the next one. Rachel

Rebecca said...

Is that IRON JUICE just water or a concotion that helps iron out the whoppps

Cindy Sharp said...

Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe I am the only one that doesn't know what "quilters moonshine aka iron juice" is.
But, in case, there are others out there, could you please post what it is.

Jewel said...

Well your not the only one who doesn't know, so with curiosity getting the better of me please, don't keep me in suspense would love to know.
Aka jewel

Bonnie said...

What is iron juice for?

Trish87109 said...

I agree with Anonymous, Jewel, and Bonnie! What the heck is "quilters moonshine aka iron juice". It isn't self-explanatory at least to us!

Anonymous said...

Me too! I was given a bottle with no explanation of what it's good for!