Friday, August 16, 2013

Late Pictures of Old Bags' Day

As promised, here are some pictures from our last Old Bags' Day Sew-In. There were 30 people in attendance, plus Kare and myself so we had a full house and a bunch of fun. I really do need to work on getting pictures of EVERYONE during these events. I just never seem to have my camera with me when there's a really good photo op. I'll try harder during the next event in September. :-)

I really don't know which part of these days I like best.

Is it a room full of people with a common love of quilting? Look at the concentration and hard work of these talented ladies! They mean business and are ready to complete some projects.

There's lots of consultation during the day and PJ, Karen and Cindi always have some great ideas.
Maybe it's watching people work together to discuss a problem or offer design suggestions. It looks like Chris, Mariann and Connie have some possible solutions to a design issue.
And Kare, Janet and Mary lay out this somewhat complicated quilt that will just be stunning when it's all together. This picture really does NOT do it justice.

It could be witnessing a stroke of genius, like Connie figuring out that those pockets are a great place to put your rotary cutter so you don't cover it with the quilt when you're trimming. 
Perhaps it's sharing a laugh and wishing you had a shirt that offered such kind words to quilters everywhere. Thanks Pam!
Maybe it's the food!
Or the fact that you get to share a meal with some really talented, creative and fun people!

Or maybe it's being there when projects are being completed and shared with the group.

Ann is the queen of purses and bags and I just love these fabrics!

Carolyn is ready for her next border.

Fran was a busy bee, finishing a couple of projects.
I love seeing the progression of all the various projects.
Someone in Janet's block exchange group didn't complete their block, but that didn't stop Janet from getting  a head start on this quilt top.
I also love the fact that relatively new quilters feel comfortable enough to bring projects that they've been working on and ask for opinions on thing like borders options! I love Chris' Weaver Fever.

And Chris' Twisted is gorgeous! It looks so much like blue china dishes. I can't wait to see this one completed.

An then of course, there's the show and tell.

I think people like the back of Connie's quilt almost as much as the front.  :-)  

Isn't Mabel's Bali Wedding Star stunning?!?
 If I'm not mistaken, this is an old guild mystery quilt project. Congratulations on finishing it Mary!

I know Pam is thrilled to have this Trade Winds quilt top done. It's beautiful and ready for quilting.
Darla's ready to bind her scrappy Buckeye Beauty; and it sure is a beauty! 
Aren't these blocks of Karen's so much fun?

Look out Karen. I think April likes your completed row! 

And so does the next generation of quilters! Sadie came to visit and just loved all the quilts. She even gave one of them a hug and said that it was beautiful and she loved it.  

I'm still playing catch up with posting so in the next few days I'll be showing some of my projects and sharing some pretty exciting news.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a great looking group and so much talent! And a quilt show to boot - I do love those little girls in a row.