Monday, February 24, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Before you ask, no I did not finish my red and white Prairie Star quilt that I posted last week. I did work on it a little, but as you read on through this post, I think it will become apparent why I have decided that it's a good thing that I didn't work on it very much.

Instead of working on the Prairie Star quilt, I felt the need to finish up a few projects that I've had sitting around here for a while. I wanted to be productive, but not have to think too much. With that in mind, I pulled some quilt tops and prepared them for quilting and binding. 

Everything was going along swimmmingly until yesterday evening. I had finished two quilts - simple meander quilting and even finished the bindings, and I was feeling so good. Ok, I admit it, I was feeling a bit cocky. 

Since all was going well and I was being so productive, I decided to make the backing for my "dark" version of Zen Garden and get it ready for quilting. 

I really like this quilt  - and every other quilt designed by Little Louise Designs that I have made - so I knew that once I got started it would go quickly. (Click HERE to see the "light" version of the same quilt.)  

All was going well and I was even using up some stash to make the backing. I like this, don't you?

Well, I guess maybe I was tired or perhaps I was just not paying attention. I don't know, but I do know that my backing isn't wide enough! ARRGGHHH!!!  It's plenty long, but that doesn't help me. :-(

Can you see that the top left corner of the backing is shorter than the quilt top? The right side is lined up exactly, so there is no excess there from which to "borrow." I decided it was time to just put this away and try again later. I think I have some extra of the print fabric that I could piece together and make another strip. We'll see though....

Do you see why I have decided that it was a good thing I didn't work on the Prairie Star and have to think? That just might have been ugly!

Anyway, on a positive note I did completely finish two quilts. This first one was actually not a UFO, but I was so excited to try a strip piecing method for making Granny Squares that I spent part of last Wednesday pulling fabric and trying the technique. I loved it and this quilt is the result.

It's not too often that I begin and finish a quilt in such a short amount of time, but this was so easy and I was having fun. I still wasn't feeling well and did not want to have to think while sewing. This was perfect and I really like the end result!

The quilt below had been a quilt top just waiting to be finished for quite a while. I already had the backing and binding ready, but I just hadn't quilted it. It's done and I really like this too. (Quite a bit different than the Granny Squares now isn't it?) I've named this one Color Splash.

Anyway, I was productive and even though I am now faced with a backing challenge, I'm pretty happy with my progress. The Prairie Star quilt is not put away. It's just set aside for right now. It will be finished soon because I'm feeling much better and I really want to finish it!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

It's always a wise decision to put off a project when one is not in top form. I love the color splash - a real popper.

Karen Rowland said...

You got a lot done even if you had to put the backing on the back burner.

Unknown said...

The finished quilts are beautiful! You accomplished so much! As for the backing not sizing up, well Joanne, I'm glad you did that...I'm sure there was a lesson learned there. (A really great teacher said that to me a couple times...)