Monday, August 11, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I've missed a few design wall Monday's, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. I just can't show a few of my recent quilting adventures yet because they are for upcoming blog hops and I don't want to show them until then. I've also been working on a few gifts and other items that I don't want to show, just in case the recipients would happen upon the blog.

And truth be told, I have been crazy busy with other stuff and I was even "unplugged" for a while. That was really nice, quiet and relaxing, but eventually I began to think about all the stuff I needed to do and it wasn't so wonderful anymore. 

Summer is quickly coming to an end and that means I have to get my Fall classes in order. I plan to substitute teach again this year and even have a few dates already scheduled. In terms of quilting classes, I want to concentrate on some new and fun things, like this ruler (and a few patterns) that I bought a year or so ago and had never used.

They sell the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful at M & E Quilt Shoppe  and that was a sign to me that I needed to get mine out and play a little. I pulled a couple of fabrics from my "practice with me" bin and started cutting and sewing. I just used two fabrics for the tests and even though I'm still playing, I'm ready to pull fabric for a real project. Now to decide which pattern to use....

Here's my practice blocks. There are two different blocks here - the oval one that is in the center and the other partial rings. I'll make a few more of each of the blocks so I can continue to practice and also so I can make a small quilt, table runner, etc. I had a bit of a brain freeze when I started reading how to use the ruler, but once I watched Jenny's tutorials, it all made sense and the really good pictures in all of her patterns made perfect sense. 

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Mary said...

I thought that thumbnail was the Quilt Curve ruler in action. I met the ladies from Sew Kind of Wonderful and watched how easy this ruler works. Have fun with it. Scrappy or two color make a great quilt.