Monday, October 5, 2015

Mini Swap Quilt Arrived!

I participated in the Mini Teal Swap recently and told you that I was hand stitching the binding last week. I finished that and put it in the mail Thursday. I am anxiously awaiting Heidi's reaction. I hope she likes it!

After signing up for this swap, the organizer randomly paired up recipients (she did have some criteria, like did you want to make a mug rug or a mini quilt) and I laughed out loud when I got my partner's information. I was paired up with my niece Heidi in Bellingham, Washington! 

She and a friend have a wonderful Esty shop called Bobbin's Lullaby and they make the cutest things. As I was deciding what to make, I began to feel like the pressure was on to find something that would even be remotely as cute as they things they create. I finally made my decision, bit the bullet and started sewing. 

I can't show you what I made just yet because according to the USPS tracking system, Heidi won't receive it until later today. Sooooooo, after I find out that she has it, I'll post a picture here.

BUT...... I got my mini from her and I LOVE it!!

The back is fun too and I love the simple quilting lines. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

She even added the corner pockets for me. I have it in the hooks right now because I am auditioning where I want to hang this. I have narrowed it down to a wall in my sewing room or above the grand kids' bookcase that is right between the living room and kitchen. Although I really like it in my sewing room, if I put it above the bookcase more people will see it. I know the grand kids will see it and comment on it if it's above the books. Mmmmmm. Such a dilemma! Maybe I'll rotate it and change it when I change my seasonal wall hangings. I'm liking that idea. :-)

I love hand-written labels! 

Thanks Heidi! And thank you Beth Kerr Helfter for organizing the swap.


Unknown said...

I love Heidi's mini quilt too! Can't wait to see yours!

Needled Mom said...

That is lovely. I'm sure she will love yours too.