Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Finishes and MORE

As I posted yesterday,
the July Desire to Inspire
post is up from Henry Glass & Co.
I'd love for you to check it out
I was thrilled, honored, and a little scared to take on the challenge but I'm so glad I did. I had a wonderful time and am please with the results.

I also want to thank everyone who supported and encouraged me while I was crazy concentrating on this project.

I was blown away by the kindness of people I have never met other than through blog reading and commenting who sent me extra fabric so I could "work some magic."

I am truly blessed and promise to pay it forward.

This post is going to be picture heavy. I am going to show a bunch of pictures I took for the Challenge, including the ones not used by Henry Glass & Co.

As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew I wanted to find a truck to use and thanks to Ethel at M&E Quilt Shoppe, I did. She put me in contact with a couple in Sandusky and we arranged to meet at their house this past Sunday morning. I was thrilled that all but one of the projects was complete so most of them would be included in the pictures. The Klein's were very gracious and accommodating, especially after they saw the fabric and figured out why Ethel was so excited. (They confessed to me that they thought she was really cute being so excited about something they just didn't quite get.)

I took a bunch of pictures, hoping for a handful of good ones that I could send to Henry Glass & Co. and I was pretty happy with the results. It helps that I have a daughter who is familiar with Photoshop and could fix my mistakes - you know, off-centered pictures, etc. I really like how she blurred the background so the truck is in focus and is what's featured.

I think this is just a fun picture! It's a little blurry, but it's fun.

This truck was really waxed well and we had a challenge to figure out how to drape the quilts on it so they didn't slide off.

I like how both quilts are hanging on the truck in this picture.

It was hard to figure out a way to have all the projects (minus the tree wall hanging) on the truck for one picture. I like how the tree skirt is wrapped in the window to make it stay in place.  :-) 

Close up of one of the star blocks

Of course I took a bunch of pictures on the wood pile. We all know how much I like to do that and I am thrilled that we have wood here for picture backdrops.

Again, it was challenging to try and get all of the projects in one picture

 I am really glad no one was around when I was taking this picture. I was holding limbs out of the way with my left leg and feet so I was standing on one leg, bending sideways. I'm just lucky I didn't fall.  :-)

Close up of the truck quilt

And then we found the barn! I am so lucky to have a friend from school who has these two treasures at her house and she was so generous to allow me to use them for these pictures. Thanks Jen!

This one is blurry, but I'm posting it anyway. 

I LOVE this picture!!

This piece will fit perfectly in the bay window in our kitchen.

Here's a closer view of the quilting

I love log cabin blocks and hexagons so I married the two things in these placemats and table runner. You can see the table runner peaking in from the rights. I have a picture of the whole thing below.

The table runner

And just because I love the shapes of these windows I had to snap some pictures here.

This wall hanging is kind of like an oil painting. There is a lot of thread work in those trees and up close it just plain looks like a hot mess. But, when you stand back, it is amazing how different it looks. I LOVE this piece.

Jack was a very important part of this entire Challenge process. Can you see the practice road I sewed on the left? I needed to practice the free-form curve cutting and piecing before I cut into the "real" fabric." Jack is helping me to decide the layout of the road and he's using chalk to sketch it for me.

I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity and loved every minute of it.


Vicki H said...

I can't believe how much you accomplished in less than a month. Absolutely amazing job. Congratulations!!

Unknown said...

I really loved that you found an old truck like the fabric. The barn was genius!!! So much better than a pic of a quilt hanging on a wall. Very unique and Ohio
You did great
Thanks for posting them!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have loved that every challenge selection has been a blogger I know. I just fell in love with this fabric when I saw the trucks - and you found the perfect truck to photo shoot with. And that barn - just a fabulous back drop for all your projects.

Bonnie said...

You went all out. Your photo backgrounds are great and add so much to the quilts. Your projects are amazing. Did I read above that you did all of these in a MONTH? Girl, did you sleep at all? These are WONDERFUL. And, several of your table runners are so inspiring to me.

Sarah Craig said...

Wow! You did an amazing job with all that fabric - so many wonderful projects! And your pictures are fabulous - great backgrounds to set off those beautiful quilts!

Brandy said...

Wow, that's a ton of projects in a short time, great job Joanne! I laughed pretty hard at your description of the tree skirt photo, been there! I live in a farming area and need to find a friend who has a barn, those photos turned out so nice. Thanks for taking on this challenge and sharing all the pictures!