Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Broken Panes Quilt Along

We had a sewing week for the Broken Panes Quilt Along, which meant I had a week off of blogging about it. In reality, I actually took two weeks off of blogging; so this week I'm posting about the block construction AND the top construction.

This is where we ended last time...

Block Construction
Be sure to check out Jen's post to get some awesome tips for constructing these blocks!

The strip piecing and additional cutting is done, so it's time to start sewing the block units together. This can easily be chain pieced, which is what I did. 

The last set is sewn!

It's time to press these units...

I laid out all the units of the block to be sure that I have them in the correct location. Be sure to notice the orientation of each unit and make sure that you are creating the correct "block flow."

I sewed each horizontal row together and then put those rows together. Be sure to press according to the pattern instructions. That will make sewing the rows together a breeze.

I'm an over-pinner! There I said it, and I feel so much better admitting that. :-)

I pin at intersections, when blocks will meet up together, and I even pin along the right vertical edge to be sure that the edges stay together and there are no surprised later.  

If you have not checked out Jen's post be sure to do so before going on the the next step. It's well worth the time to do so.

Quilt Top Assembly
It's time to put the top together! Check out Jen's post today. She's got some great info to share with you!

Now that all the blocks are sewn, it time to start sewing them together.

I'm making the lap size, so here are my blocks and how they'll appear in the quilt. I wanted to be sure I have the blocks rotated correctly before adding the sashing and cornerstones. If I didn't do that, I'd be spending some quality time with my seam ripper. :-)

I am so happy that I chose the blue for the sashing and the gold cornerstones!

And I love the finished quilt top...

Remember my tips about pinning? I do the same things when adding sashings, cornerstones, and borders. 

Next week we'll discuss prepping this top for quilting.


Denise McKinney said...

I love this top too Joanne, turned out great! And I admit that I am an overpinner also......

Jen Shaffer said...

I love your patriotic quilt!! I also love to pin. A lot. It drives my non pinning friends crazy. :)

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