Sunday, December 1, 2019

Color Challenge - December

It's time for the December Color Challenge - the last one for the year! 

To play along, go to Jen's blog for the block pattern and instructions. 
You won't be disappointed!

December - Purple - Crocus

The crocus is one of the first flowers to emerge in the Spring; and it is often referred to as the light bulb flower because it looks like a bright light bulb until the petals open into the cup-shaped flowers. 

Because it brings the landscape alive with color after a long winter, the crocus is often looked at as a symbol of cheerfulness, joy, excitement, and glee.

Crocus can be white, yellow and purple; but it is the purple flowers that are considered one of nature's most precious treats. Historically, purple is a symbol of prestige and royalty, so the purple crocus is the perfect addition to Spring bouquets to celebrate special occasions.  

Here are my fabrics - a solid light purple from my stash and a fat quarter of Purple Starlet from Blank Quilting. (I've been using fat quarters from the Starlet line for each month and I'm still happy with my choice.) I'm thrilled that I've been able to use stash fabric for my solid fabrics all 12 months! WooHoo!!

I love to see all the units of a block sewn together and ready to be laid out and sewn together to create a finished block. It motivates me to sew. :-) This month is super simple!

The completed block! As usual, I just love how the Starlet fabric looks in these blocks. Just like every other month, I've sewn the original block plus a second block that has the opposite or different fabric placement.  Here's the original block.

And here's the "opposite" block.

As has been the case each month, it's a subtle difference this month, but it can make a big difference in a final quilt layout.

Check out these other bloggers who made blocks this month. Be sure to come back in January to see how we've put the blocks together into awesome quilts! 

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Hannah said...

ooo...I kind of like the 2nd one better...something to think about with my layout! Nice blocks!