Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Back!!!

After two long weeks and very little free time, I'm back to updating my blog. Yeah!!!! I guess that I have been put to shame by my friend Rachel who started her blog about a week ago and she has posted every day and has even included videos. You rock Rachel!!

Well, I don't have video but I do have a couple of new pictures of Quinn.
She sat up in the seat tonight and joined us for dinner. She likes to wave to us and then laugh. I love the hair clips, don't you? I think they make her look older than 9 weeks.
I also love her hand behind her head in the bottom picture. She does that all of the time and I laugh every time I see it.
I've been busy quilting the last couple of weeks. I finished a quilt for someone who had 10 handpieced blocks from her great grandmother. She originally had 20 blocks but one ofher cousins wanted some of them so she split them up. She wanted a queen size quilt made out of the blocks to give to her grandmother (the daughter of the quilt maker). I decided to put the blocks on point and have a plain muslin alternate block since the blocks were hand appliqued on muslin. I embroidered some information of two of the blocks and quilted a feathered wreath 6 of the blocks. I then quilted a grid through the entire quilt. I really hated to give up that quilt! I took some pictures but don't have them downloaded on the computer yet. I will add them soon.
I have to get to bed soon because it is 11:10pm and I have to be at work by 5:30 tomorrow morning. I should have sent out the guild information tonight but I guess that will happen tomorrow. I only work until noon, so I'll do that as soon as I get home.
Good Night!!

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Rachel said...

Joanne, Thanks for the nice compliments! I also love the picture of Quinn with her hand behind her head-ADORABLE!