Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snow, Fun Hair and Christmas Shopping!

We had some snow yesterday and even though it is November, I'm not ready for it. I was in Avon all day and it rained there, but while driving home the rain turned to snow. It was pretty wet and didn't stay on the ground long, but it was snow and no one seems to remember how to drive in it. There were many people driving 35-40 mph while others were driving well over the 65 mph speed limit. It wan't that bad that we couldn't drive close to 65, and I'll never understand why the slow drivers stay in the left lane. Ok, my ranting is over.

Last night, Jack and I went to Ellen's house (my sister-in-law). We had a fun time visiting with Ellen, Sandy, Bernadette and Sam. We played a game called Sequence that was really fun. We're game people and always enjoy learning new ones and last night was no different. What are your favorite games?

I haven't done alot of my own quilting lately, but I do have a picture of a table runner that I made for someone to give to her parents. The runner is pretty simple but I embroidered the couple's names and wedding date and added the appliqued wedding bands. I like how it turned out and I was told that the couple loved it. YEAH!!

Nikki and Quinn were here Friday night and I got a fun picture of Quinn. It is hard to see, but notice the "helicopter hair" that she is sporting. They are standing in front of my Halloween cheater quilt that should have been taken down a couple of weeks ago. Oh well!!!
I finally finished planting my tulip bulbs. I guess it was the snow that made me decide that I had better get my butt in gear and get them into the ground. I put all of these in the front so we should be able to look out the kitchen window and see a sea of red tulips this Spring. (i'm crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer.)
I've started my Christmas shopping. I have to have all of the gifts for my side of the family ready for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but of course the only ones that I have bought are for other people. I've got a list going so that should help. I really want to get my shopping done early so I don't have to be out in the crowds right before Christmas. I don't care for shopping too much anyway, but get me in the middle of the crowds and I get downright pissy. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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Raike said...

We are having whole family together for Thanksgiving… hope, will have a great time.