Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Thoughts and Pictures

Yesterday was not as filled with quilting as I had hoped, but it was productive. I had a program for work in the morning and spent the afternoon clearing pictures off of my camera, organizing them and getting lots of odds and end things done. I did sew for a bit last night, but not much.

Anyway, even though some of these pictures are old (Halloween, Dallas 3-Day, and Christmas), I'm going to post some here over the next couple of days. They are just too cute NOT to share. Bear with me as I am a proud mother, grandmother, breast cancer activist and quilter. I will include at least one quilt/sewing related picture in each post. Thanks for indulging me!

These were taken in Sept. when Nikki and Quinn were visiting for a long weekend. Quinn loves shoes, boots and anything she can put on her feet. I guess that size or correct fit don't really matter!

This is one of three memory quilts that that I made for Christmas orders. I was given a couple bags of T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, etc. and asked to make quilts for three adult children whose father had passed away earlier in the year. I love making these things! They are so emotional, therapeutic and rewarding.

Come back tomorrow and I'll have more to share!

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