Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stash Report: Week 1

Ok, I've decided that if I participate in Judy L.'s Weekly Stash Report and Design Wall Monday it will force me to update my blog regularly. I know that I used a lot of stash last year (since I hardly went to any fabric shops and bought anything) so I figure that it would be fun to see how much stash I actually use.

Of course after making this decision, I went to two, yes 2 shops in the last 2 days and walked away with fabric. On the positive side of things though, I have actually been sewing and am binding one quilt (started 1/1/2010) and I am putting the borders on another that I cut out on Dec. 31st. I did have to get some border fabric for this one so part of today's purchase is for that.

Also, today I picked up the remaining fabric needed for our annual guild retreat mystery which is held in February. Out of the 9.75 total yards needed I was able to get 6.25 yards from my stash. I needed more background fabric (isn't that what I always need?) and a couple of cuts to round out the medium/dark fabrics. I have begun my cutting and will begin the pre-retreat sewing later this week.

Ok, here's the report:

Fabric Used This Week: 23.875

Fabric Used to Date: 23.875

Fabric Added This Week: 23.625

Fabric Added to Date: 23.625

Net Used for 2010: .25 (WOW. That was close.)


Tamera said...

Goodness! You've been busy on the use it up front and the bring it in front, he he he.

Looks good!

knittingbrow said...

That was close! You ended up using more stash than what you brought in. Nice work.

I won't commit to working only from stash but have been organizing my yarn stash for the last three weeks. I mean, not constantly for three weeks but off and on. ;) I have discovered that I have a lot a great yarns and will be using them for projects coming this year.

I'm also interested in finishing my UFO's. I've got lots of them.

And it will be nice to be seeing you post more often on the blog.

Rachel said...

Joanne, Glad to see that you are back in the groove and posting again! I've missed reading your posts. It was great to see you at the shop on Saturday and hopefully we will be able to get you back in to teach a class.