Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I can't believe it's Thursday already and to make matters worse, it's almost Thursday afternoon. Where does the time go???

I've finished the Quilt for Kids project and have picked out the fabric from my stash to make a second one to send with the kit I received in the mail. I hope to start sewing that when I return from work tonight. I mentioned in Monday's post that the kit included everything but the binding and batting. Well, Kat responded to that post and said that if I was careful while layering, I could get the binding cut from the backing fabric and she was right! How awesome is that?

Saturday and Sunday is our annual guild retreat and I need to spend some time tomorrow checking that I have everything ready. It's not an overnight retreat so that makes it easier to prepare, but I still seem to over-pack supplies because I don't want to forget anything and you never know if you'll need that obscure ruler that you've only taken out of the package once since you bought it. The funny thing is, I'll be less than 10 minutes from my house so I could always run home if I forget something. I guess that once I get there I won't want to leave, especially if it's snowing.

Speaking of snow, we've been getting a little snow today and I still love to look out the window at a fluffy snowfall. In the last week or so, our snow has been turning that ugly grey color and the new, white snow is gorgeous. I especially like to see birds at the feeder with the white backdrop. Can you see the 5 male cardinals in the picture below?

There is one female hidden in the trees so it's difficult to see her. How would you like to be that female with FIVE males hanging around you all the time?

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