Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Day is It?

I realize that this post is not a Stash Report or a Design Wall Monday, so you may be wondering why I'm posting. Well, I have a few minutes and I've been looking at my pictures so I thought I'd share! Also, I did promise to post more frequently this year and I know I've been slacking.

First, I've been playing with the Twister quilt again and I made a two-color wallhanging version that used the "waste" fabric as a border.

I also added a plain outside border that I quilted very densely. It was fun to just play and not worry too much about how it would turn out. I've decided that I need to just "wing it" more when it comes to my quilting. I've always been pretty rigid with what I do - overall meander or more often than not, complete the top and put it away until I decide how to quilt it! Of course, that means years can go by before they get quilted and that is just wrong on so many levels!

I have another twister project that is ready to quilt. Remember those cool cats panels I showed on my design wall last Monday? Well, I was going to use them for two Quilts for Kids, but I started playing and decided to make twister blocks as the border. It was fun to figure out how to do this and I'll post the completed project when it is quilted, which will be soon - I promise. I might still use this quilt for charity, but I'm not sure. If I don't, I'll make another one to send.

I finished up some bindings and then I pulled some fabric for a new project. My quilting life has been pretty good the last week or so!

Looking through my pictures, I found a couple of cute ones of Quinn. (I know, I'm Grandma and I think they're all cute.) Here's one of Jack and Quinn at Christmas sharing a special "reindeer antler" moment. Aren't they cute?

And finally, here's Quinn showing me what a big girl she is and how much she LOVES to drink orange juice.

I bet you guys can't wait for the next baby to be born so there are even more baby pictures!

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knittingbrow said...

I'm comfortable with more baby pictures! :)