Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stash report - Weeks 46 and 47

This is sooooooo sad! I knew that my stash report was going to be really out of whack because I bought the fabric for the Judy Niemeyer time study class that I'm taking from Sue Wilson (see below for more details) and I hadn't used any fabric because I've been organizing and working on memory quilts. Well..... since I bought 18 yards of fabric (YIKES!!!) I made 8 pillowcases last night. I needed to use at least 1 yard or else I would dip below the 100 net used mark. (Is it safe to say that I'm a little competitive?!?!) Anyway, I made 8 instead of just 1 or 2, just for good measure - and I wanted to give myself some lead way for next week :-).

The Judy Niemeyer class that I'm taking (with my friends Kare, PJ and Vaughn) is being taught from a friend of ours, Sue Wilson. Sue is a Certified Instructor of Judy Niemeyer Quilting and she's doing a time study. Since this class is a time study, it was by invitation only and I'm thrilled to be included. Here's are a couple of pictures of the quilt. The first quilt was made by Batiks Galore in Joshua, TX

This second quilt was made by Quilters Market in Tuscon, AZ.

And finally, the third quilt was made by Time Treasured Quilts in Houston, TX.

Here are my fabrics:

Isn't it amazing how fabric choices change the look of a quilt? I was with Kare yesterday as she was picking fabric and she picked pinks and greens. (It's going to be gorgeous!) I LOVE it when I take or teach a quilt and everyone has completely different fabrics. (One time I taught a class in which all 12 of the participants had the exact same fabric as the sample I had made. UGHHH.)

Anyway, more about this quilt. It will not be available in stores - it's an exclusive pattern available only to Judy's certified instructors (10 of them) or certified shops (12 of them) scattered throughout the United States and Canada. This is a Technique of the Month project and when we have completed this quilt, we will have learned all of the techniques that Judy uses in her patterns. We don't meet again until Dec. 2nd, and I promise to keep you posted on the progress - or if I've changed my fabric selection:-)

Here's my stash the report:

Fabric Used This Week: 8.0 yards

Fabric Used to Date: 254.75 yards

Fabric Added This Week: 18.00 yards

Fabric Added to Date: 147.75 yards

Net Fabric Used for 2010: 107.00 yards

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Diana said...

I am officially envious! That quilt looks difficult but absolutely worth it! I will be watching your progress! Have fun!

Charlene S said...

That would be a fantastic quilt to make. Your fabric choices are great.

Rabid Quilter from California said...

This is such an amazing quilt. Thanks for posting the various color palettes! Wonder if I'll get around to doing it some day. . .