Monday, February 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I still have my Strip Twist on the design wall today, but the inside is all sewn together and I'm trying to decide on borders.
I was considering not having a border; just bind it, but I think it's too small and I really don't want to add more blocks. Besides, it's pretty "busy" and I think a border or two would help with that. Here are a couple of options. I know I want to use the green fabric for the outside border so now I just have to decide what to use for the first border. What do you think? None of the first border options were used in the body of the quilt and I don't have enough of any of those fabrics to use as a border. (I'm excited to have used up a bunch of 2 1/2" strips!)
As I was working on this tonight, I realized that I have not recorded the fabric used here so I'll add it to next week's stash report. Yeah! That means I'll have some yardage out. :-) I used more fabric this past week than I realized, especially since it was not a very "quilty" week. I was pretty busy with things like taking a class and teaching a class on the same day - twice! I was gone all day Friday and Saturday, so in retrospect and when you put it in perceptive, I used a lot of fabric last week!

Besides this quilt, I cut fabric for pillowcases so it's ready to go when I NEED to sew something after working long hours the next couple of weeks. I decided that it would be a good idea to have something ready so I didn't have to think. I have everything ready for 10 or 11 pillowcases, and I've set aside other fabric to cut. I don't remember the exact number, but all of these pillowcases will be donated to my Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Program and go to the local domestic violence shelter.
Here's the serger I've been using to sew my latest pillowcases.
Even though it's small and missing the cloth plate (I think that's what it's called), it works fine and I'm really pleased.

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Anonymous said...

Love the twist...........such fun!

pcflamingo said...

LOVE Strip Twist in general - and yours is great! I think the narrow scrappy inner border, with a larger "calm" border would look nice.

Gari said...

Your Strip Twist is such an eye catcher. And I think the darker border, looks black, would be a good containment border prior to the green.

Sue Daurio said...

very nice, love the contrast in the blocks. I like the scrappy thin border with the green. As someone else said to calm it down and keep those lovely blocks framed. The scrappy thin border is a perfect transition to the calm. And that green you have up there really draws from the blocks.

Debbie said...

The strip twist is great! Agree with your ideas on the borders.

Alycia said...

Shew - you have been busy. We ( hubby and I) like the black little border with the green outer border choice. I think it is a cool quilt!