Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Been a Busy Week

It's been quite a busy week here, but I still managed to get some sewing done. I completely finished one of my UFOs.
I machine stitched the binding on this quilt and I'm pretty happy with it. I've been doing machine binding on some of my quilts for a while, but not like it should be. Usually, I stitch it down and then go over it with a decorative stitch to hold it down better and make it look better. I've never been able to perfect the technique where the straight stitching is where it should be on the front AND back. Usually, the back looks terrible and I have to add a wide decorative stitch to cover up the mistakes. Well, I watched Pat Sloan's binding tutorial the other day and decided to try it. I used a double fold binding rather than the single that she used, but I followed that same procedure.

It's not perfect, but I'm ok with it. Practice makes perfect so I guess I'll make some more donation quilts that require the binding to be machine stitched. (I guess I needed to adjust my flash on the picture of the backing. Really, these pictures are of the same quilt.

I just finished the top for the second UFO. I'll post a picture tomorrow of the completed top. This is fairly large (80" x 96") so I probably won't quilt this here at home. I'll have to call Kare and see if her machine is free this coming week. :-)

As I was adding the last of the borders to the second UFO, I realized that technically this isn't MY UFO. Lynn started this and didn't finish it. (I don't remember why.) I guess since possession is 9/10 of the law, this is mine and I'm responsible for finishing it. Anyway, it's done and now I just have to quilt and bind it. YEAH!!

I've been cutting out more tumblers for the quilt that I showed in a previous post. I haven't added any more rows, but I'm getting ready to. I really like this quilt. It looks very old and classic to me.

Tomorrow is our guild meeting and I'm debating on what to take for show and tell. Who knows, maybe I won't take anything just because I'm lazy. Or, I may take my Scrappy Heart quilt because it's all quilted now and I LOVE it. I've washed it, so it has that "old and loved" look to it.

Have you noticed my old theme here? I'm guessing that it's because I have the big 5-0 coming up in a couple of weeks and subconsciously it's bugging me. I doubt it because I've never been bothered by birthdays. As a matter of fact, I've always thought that it's just another day and just another number. :-)

Sunday Jack and I are going to participate in a marriage vow renewal ceremony at church. I've been organizing the group renewal ceremony and I'm happy to report that there are 18 other couples who will be renewing their vows with us! It was slow getting people to sign up for this at first, but within the last two weeks, we've been adding names to the list. We're having cake and punch after the ceremony and I'm hoping that I'll have enough. You just never know if people are going to eat a lot, or barely anything. Oh well, if we run out, we run out.

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