Monday, April 25, 2011

A Rebel at Heart?

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I had ever made a quilt that upset people. Well, I'm finally getting around to answering that questions. Thanks for your patience Jerry!

A couple of years ago, Lynn wanted to make her friend Amy a fun quilt that had something to do with the Cleveland Indians, her favorite baseball team. Amy is a really fun person and we knew that just any old quilt wouldn't work, so we came up with the Name That Junk quilt.

You'd have thought that I had posted child pornography or something because I received a handful of private e-mails telling me how inappropriate this quilt is. I was told that I must be a terrible mother because I encouraged and even worse yet, helped my daughter make this quilt. "How could a mother do such a thing?" I was asked.

I was really surprised by the e-mails and quite honestly I didn't care. Lynn and I had fun making this wall hanging and Amy loved it! Call me a bad mom, but I'd make another one if I had the right pictures.

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