Friday, August 5, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Since I was gone this past weekend, I feel like I've done nothing but play catch up. Lynn and I walked in the Cleveland Breast Cancer 3-Day last weekend and it was truly an amazing event. Let me make a clarification here. Lynn walked all 60 miles again this year, but not me. I had some issues with dehydration on Friday so my journey was shorter than Lynn's. (I don't know, could it have been the rain we walked in for a couple of hours, followed by mid to upper 90 degree temperatures for all three days?!?)

After a bit of feeling sorry for myself as well as disgusted and angry about my issue, I decided that I needed to re-evaluate my purpose for participating in the event. I soon quit counting miles and started counting the conversations I had with people and the help I was able to give them. I had raised the $2300 minimum to participate and that's really all that mattered, right?

I didn't take my camera this year because I am terrible at taking pictures. If you're interested in seeing pictures of the event you can click here. These were taken by the event staff and posted on the 3-Day website. I know Lynn took a few, so I'll have to ask her to forward them to me so I can see if there are some that I should post here. I just looked at some of the previous years' pictures and realized that Lynn, Jack and I are in a fair number of pictures. Jack and I are even in a couple of the 2009 Dallas/Fort Worth pictures. I forgot about that so it was fun to see them again.  :-)

In regards to quilting, I have finished machine stitching the binding on all 15 Honor Flight quilts and I'm in the process of hand-stitching them to the back. I really do like doing binding so this isn't really a problem for me. I have to admit that I did think about quilting while I was on the walk. A couple of times I thought it would be really relaxing to be able to do some quilting. Of course I didn't take anything with me because I was sleeping in a tent, "lights out" started at 9PM and I knew I would be too blasted tired. I was right!  :-)

My goal is to finish the bindings this weekend, take pictures, and hand the quilts over to Jeanette at the guild meeting on the 13th. I'm sure I'll have some time to work on it this weekend while I'm selling raffle tickets at the Basket Festival. Sunday we will be picking the winner for this quilt. I hope you got your tickets!

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