Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stash Report - Week 1

It's Sunday and it's January 1st, so all the In and Out numbers are zero, but I'm reporting anyway.

I'm thrilled with last year's numbers and even though I doubt I'll be able to top them, I'm going to try. Quite honestsly, it really isn't about how much fabric I use or how many quilts I make. It's about accountability and continuing to be productive. There have been times in the past that I quilt like a maniac and then do nothing for weeks and weeks. For some reason, that doesn't happened nearly as much when I'm posting stash reports.

I still have a goal to finish up the UFOs around here, but not in any real order. I'd like to say that I'll finish one a month, but I doubt that will happen. Last year I finished 12 quilts, but not one a month and I'm ok with that. They're done and that's what matters.

Here's the report:
Fabric Added This Week: 0.0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 0.0 yards
Fabric Used This Week: 0.0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 0.0 yards
Net Fabric Used for 2012: 0.0 yard

UFOs Done, Done, Done (Pieced, Quilted, and Bound): UFOs Still to Do: ??? (I really should make a list, but that would only upset me!)
New Quilts Done, Done, Done (Pieced, Quilted, and Bound):
Quilts Ready to be Quilted and Bound: 11
Quilts Quilted and Ready to be Bound: 0

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