Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Sew-In

I hosted a sew-in Saturday and Sunday for some of my quilting students. These lovely ladies were encouraged to work on any project from a class they've taken from me and haven't finished or on any project with which they needed help or just wanted to finish.

We had a lot of fun and even though I now realize I didn't get pictures of everyone, here are a few that I did get. I will to get pictures of EVERYONE next time, even if I have to sneak them.  :-)

I was pleased with the work that everyone got done and I sure hope they were also!

There was a whole lot of consultations that took place this weekend, although I'm not sure it was all about quilting. :-)

Here's the Dvorak Ladies
Stacey is helping Libby, while Pat is working in a cute flower applique quilt.

Here's Libby's Patchwork Hearts in progress. If you click on the picture, you should be able to see that the hearts are all pieced with squares and half square triangles that finish 1 1/2".

Here's Libby's completed top. This is her second quilt and I think she did an awesome job! She's taking this to the Lorain Co. Fair as her 4-H project and I can't wait to here the results. By the time she left, the quilt was sandwiched and ready to quilt. YEAH!! (Not too shabby for a 10 year old!)
Stacey was working on the Four Patch Galore, but I didn't get a picture. :-(
I also didn't get a picture of Pat's flower applique blocks. :-(

Here's Maura's Lady Bug quilt on the design wall. She's decided this was the layout to use.

The first border is on! Maura is a new quilter and I think she's done an awesome job.
Kathy, I see you hiding in the background! Lookout for the next time. You might not be so sly and be able to hide from the camera.  :-)

Maura had to leave before she could add all the borders, but this is what it will look like when she's done. Cute! Cute! Cute!

Mabel is trimming the Unit A blocks for her Bali Wedding Star.

Pam is also making the Bali Wedding Star and she's busy trimming.

Here are a few of the units that Pam and Mabel finished. I think the bright light in the background between them is their halo. This is their first Judy Niemeyer project and they aren't making the small one! Click here to see a pcitire of the quilt they are making.

Fran and Darla are busy working away! They were both pretty quiet when they were sewing. 
Sure wish I had that ability to concentrate so well.

Isn't this star beautiful? I think Fran was able to complete 26 or 28 of the 32 she needs for her granddaughter's quilt. AWESOME!!

Look what Darla made! She's a VERY new quilter and took on this challenging project. This is made with lots of homespuns and triangles. She has a couple of borders to add, including a pieced one but I know she'll be fine. This quilt was a great reminder of how interesting it is to rip out seams from homspuns and not have them ravel. Thanks for the lesson Darla! I can't wait to see this done.
You did an AWESOME job!

Here's the inside of Eileen's Maple Leaf Log Cabin quilt. She's making the small version of my pattern. I love the colors of her leaves.
I'm not sure how Eileen escaped from being in this picture. She probably talked to Donna, Kare and PJ who also don't show up in any pictures.
Donna was working on the large version of the Maple Leaf Log Cabin, PJ was working on a really cute purse and Kare was cutting fabric all weekend. She made a pretty big dent in her scrap basket/box!
Look out Ladies, the camera will be searching for you the next time.  :-)

I had a blast and look forward to posting finished projects soon!


Mary said...

What a nice thing for you to do, Joanne! Where did you hold your event? Looks spacious! (You surely could have fit another person at each of those tables at which there are two people, couldn't you? ;)!)

knittingbrow said...

After I quilt with you (and Kare) will I be invited to these events? They look like so much fun!

Joanne said...

Of course you will be invited. You and Mary both! I also got an e-mail from our cousin Debbie who wants to join us. :-)