Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sewing Sisters and Friday Finishes

Well, it's our annual Sisters' Weekend and even though it's our first year without Mom, we're having a wonderful time. Do you think that maybe this has something to do with it?

As we've done for the past couple of years, we meet up in Nelsonville, OH and hit the Nelsonville Quilt Company.
Just look what you see as soon as you walk in the door! Ahhhhh. I think this may be what Heaven is like.

So, a few of the sisters have made a trip or two back to the shop and it's only Friday (I just looked at the clock and it's actually Saturday, but it still feels like Friday), but why not when there are so many friendly people who work there?
So what have we been doing here since our arrival on Wednesday? Well, since the weather hasn't really been wonderful, we've just been enjoying each others' company, fondling fabric and giving the sewing machines a workout.
Check out some of the projects that have been finished so far. Paula made a bag for Nick to carry a couple of guns and ammo. She's making another one but I don't have any pictures of it yet.
Barb has been busy making some vinyl mesh bags. She's also made an apron and is working on another bag, not vinyl mesh though. I'll get some pictures and post them later.
Kathy made a special bag and it is adorable!
Terri made this wonderful I-Pad holder and is working on another. Makes me wish I owned an I-Pad.
Ann and Pat have been busy as well, but for some reason I don't have any pictures of their projects. I'll have to fix that tomorrow.  I've sewn the binding on to a large quilt (about 102" square) and have just the hand-stitching to do on a pretty small one (about 40" x 60'). I quilted about 25 of the blocks that I'll be using in the quilt for the library and I just completed a wall hanging (38" x 47") called Cool Waters by Kate Mitchell Quilts. I bought the kit for this Wednesday afternoon at Nelsonville Quilt Company because I just loved how it looked hanging on their wall and the kit was priced nicely and included ALL the fabric needed, including the backing and binding. This was so easy and only took a few hours. I may have some batting the right size to be able to quilt this in the next day or so. Wouldn't that be cool. Completely finish a project here?
I'll be sure to take pictures of the projects that I forgot as well as the ones being worked on as I type. I'm having a wonderful time and love my sewing sisters!!
I've linked up to Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finishes. Check out what other quilters are accomplishing.


ipatchandquilt said...

Oh, what fun you must have had! Thank you for sharing all of the photo's!
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knittingbrow said...

The Cool Waters quilt is beautiful

Cindy Sharp said...

How much fun is that! I wish I had sisters to play with.