Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recap and Old Friends

The snow is falling and it's very quiet here today. Jack and I were blessed this past few weeks to be surrounded by family and friends, and it was wonderful! Although I didn't get a lot of pictures (How did I not take any pictures of the annual holiday feast, Ann, Tony or Claire, opening gifts, etc. is beyond me.), but we had a grand and glorious time! Here's a quick pictorial recap of just a few of the highlights.

Quinn and Sadie decided that the tree was missing something. Fabric!!

This might have just been a ploy to avoid going to bed (notice the pajamas), but how could I resist? Sadie was not interested in being in the picture, but Quinn sure was proud of how it looked.
 And here it is in the daytime. This may have to become a part of our annual celebration.
I am participating in the Wake Up To Kona! blog hop next week and I decided to see if I could get another project done for it. Actually, this was the project I had set out to do but I quickly realized that it was going to be awfully difficult to get this thing completed in time so I went to Plan B. Well, Plan B is done and I decided to start organizing Plan A and see what happens. Of course I can't really show you any details, but here's a teaser for you.
This is my progress so far on Plan A. I can't wait to finish this and show you. Keep your fingers crossed that I'm really productive the next couple of days. If I don't get it done by Sunday, I'll show what I do have completed and then keep you posted as I work on it. (It will be fairly slow after this weekend, as I will be subbing full time again for the month of January and then I head to Tennessee Quilts for a week-long Judy Niemeyer workshop. YIPPEE!!)

The snow started in earnest yesterday and continues today. I love watching the snow fall. I don't love the plowing, driving, etc., but I do love to see it falling and covering the trees and ground. This is the view from the room where I sew. I am so lucky.
Welcome Back Old Friends!
With all the recent commotion, routines often fall by the wayside. We usually heat with wood, but with so much going on, we decided to just use the furnace for the last week or so. I started a fire this morning and it didn't take me long to remember how much I enjoy the fireplace.
And of course spending time with a truly wonderful and recently ignored old friend is a perfect way to spend a snowy winter day!

Enjoy yourselves and Happy New Year!

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Needled Mom said...

LOVE the fabric garland!!! I seldom have my camera when I am entertaining. I always regret not having pictures.

The snow looks so pretty and the fire is perfect to keep you warm.