Sunday, April 27, 2014

Busy Weekend - But Not Sewing

Jack has had a busy, singing-filled weekend which means I've had a busy music-listening weekend.:-)

Jack sings with the Terra Choral Society which is part of Terra State Community College in Fremont. This weekend's presentation is titled "An American Landscape" and it pays tribute to America's great choral music, including works by Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copeland Randall Thompson and many more. 

The first concert was Friday evening in Fremont, while last night they were performing in Sandusky. Later this afternoon they will be performing in Bellevue, so I think you can understand why I say it's a music-filled weekend, as opposed to a sewing-filled weekend.:-)

Here's a few pictures from last night's concert. 

As you can tell, I couldn't get a great picture. Other than the guys head in front of me, this is the best one I could get to show the majority of the group, which is about 125 members. 

They were pretty crowded up there on the risers, especially when the Terra Chamber Strings joined them for the last number.

Jack was really hungry after the performance so we stopped at Mekong for a bite to eat. I think he was a bit overdressed for the place, but the workers all had fun. It looks like Jack did too!

I even got our friend Eileen (who joined me for the concert) in a picture.  :-) 

Maybe I'll get to some sewing later today. Maybe, just maybe.

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