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Tip Tuesday! Quilters' Knot

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The elusive quilters' knot! When I finally learned how to tie a quilters' knot, I couldn't believe that it was so easy and that it had taken me so long to learn it. No more licking my fingers and twisting and twirling the thread ends and hoping that the "knot" stayed and didn't work it's way out. Show of hands now, who uses the lick and twist method? 

I'm going to list out the steps of making this knot as well a provide two links that are very helpful, including Heather Bailey's link that goes along with the picture above. The two links are awesome and the pictures are great. I knew that my pictures could not be any better, so why even try??

Quilters' Knot - in 10 easy steps (the right handed version)
    1. Thread your needle.

    2. Put the needle in your right hand and the TAIL END of the thread in the 
        left hand.
    3. Point the tip of the needle and the tail end of your thread AT each other.

    4. Lay them side by side on top of each of other .
    5. Grasp both with your right thumb and forefinger.

    6. With your left hand, wind the long length of thread around the tip of the needle 3 or 4 times. 
(The more turns, the larger the knot.) 
Keep holding the thread and needle to stabilize it for the next step.
    7. Move your right finger and thumb up so they cover the coiled thread. (Inch your way up there, do not release your finger and thumb or the      
        thread may come loose.)
    8. Using your left hand, let go of the thread and needle and re-grab it at the 
        tip of the needle.

    9.  Pull the needle with your left hand and without releasing the thread with 
         your right hand, pull until all of the thread has passed through and a knot 
         has formed. 
  10. Clip/Trim to ¼"    

  YEAH! you've done it! It may take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be very happy with the results.

Check out Heather's explanation and the video for more help.

Heather Bailey's link:

    The you-tube video link:

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